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Failing New York Times Authored “Anonymous” Resistance Op-Ed

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Am I the only one suspecting that the failing New York Times authored “anonymous” Resistance Op-Ed? I mean really, it needs the click bait, and they already own the fact that they are competing with CNN for Fake News Of The Year Award! Keep Reading

No Intelligence, Evidence, Crime, Obstruction Or Investigation; #Spygate… A Witch-Hunt!

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The Mueller “special” counsel is with no intelligence, evidence, crime, obstruction or investigation; #Spygate… a Witch-Hunt! But Mueller MUST get Trump to testify under oath… because at this point, there is no evidence of illegality. Period.

No Intelligence…

According to Devin Nunes, FBI started Russia probe without any ‘official intelligence’ used to start the investigation into potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign…

No Evidence…

A full year after Robert Mueller began his Russia collusion witch-hunt, has any evidence surfaced at all? President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, joins Tucker to answer the question.

Furthermore even if Mueller could manufacture some evidence to support “collusion” …it isn’t a crime.

No Crime…

Democrats think the appointment of the Mueller probe is a step toward’s Trump’s impeachment. However legal expert Alan Dershowitz believes that in the end it will vindicate the president Trump.

And seeing as “collusion” isn’t a crime, the President doesn’t have to answer to a subpoena if no crime or criminal investigation.


No Obstruction…

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, states why President Trump can’t be charged with obstruction of justice. On the counsel of both his Attorney General (AG) and assistant AG… President Trump fired James Comey. And then the same DOJ office appoints a special counsel to take down the sitting President with that same action? Unspeakable!

No Investigation…

The most bizarre thing is that President Trump isn’t even under investigation… IF we were to take the FBI’s word for it. A lawyer for Donald Trump, said the president isn’t under investigation by the special counsel for firing James Comey, yet all evidence points to the contrary.

But it was the same FBI that told the Trump Campaign that there were no Spies embedded within their ranks either!


Dan Bongino a former Secret Service Agent, NYPD veteran, and New York Times best-selling author, slams Trey Gowdy’s efforts to debunk Trump’s ‘spygate’ claims.

In classic Dan Bongino ‘SMACK-DOWN’ leaves former Assistant US Attorney for the District of New York, Daniel Goldman… like a deer in the headlights!

The most bizarre thing is that President Trump isn’t even under investigation…

A Witch-Hunt…

IF the President is NOT a “target” in the investigation… why in the world would Trump have to testify before Mueller?

At the end of the day the Department of Justice used Intelligence Agencies to target the Trump political campaign to keep him from the Presidency or overturn the democratic process that would invariably elect Trump.

Judicial Watch Chris Farrell tells how former CIA Director John Brennan called for a government revolt (soft coup) if the current Robert Mueller is fired by President Trump. The deep-state is effectively that!

Many who know him best say John Brennan (who voted communist) is nothing less than a seditious George Soros puppet… and should be under investigation himself!


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Obama’s Crossfire Hurricane Slams America!

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The “Swamp” waters are a rising and the gators are hungry, as Obama’s Crossfire Hurricane Slams America! Did you ever expect the so-called scandal-free Obama reign would be plagued by this whole-sale assault on the American Constitution? Keep Reading

George Soros Picked Dead Bodies Clean For Nazis, Has Problem With A Mafia State

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George Soros picked dead bodies clean for Nazis, has problem with a Mafia State? What the Hell is his problem? Keep Reading

Fake News Russia Collusion #RussiaDelusion

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The Mueller investigation is just a Democrat base dog-whistle, and no more than a Fake News Russia Collusion #RussiaDelusion! Keep Reading

Trudeau’s Canada Is A Refuge For ISIS And A Clear Threat To USA!

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As Trump’s campaign squashes ISIS abroad more and more of their “fearless fighters” flee the very death that their cowardly cult threatens. But what is more shameful than that is Canada’s Prime Minister has stated that convicted terrorists won’t lose citizenship, making ISIS fighters take refuge back in Canada when they are chased out of countries that they are terrorizing. It should be obvious Trudeau’s Canada Is A Refuge For ISIS Keep Reading

Chicago Killing Field Massacres Creating A Refugee America

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With all the terrorism that Homeland Security is focused on… and their department is charged with the security of the Homeland. Wouldn’t it begrudge the American people an look into the monthly Chicago killing field massacres creating a refugee America? More and more the internal breakdown of society is the fundamental threat to American Security… Keep Reading

I Love Social Media Much More Than It Loves Me!

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I Love Social Media Much More Than It Loves Me! Please bare with me as I try to get under the radar of corporate media-bots censoring inconvenient social media posts! Throughout this post I will be using the opposite meanings of words to convey my distrust, disgust and dissidence from a political correct agenda, being forced on an unsuspecting public. Keep Reading

CNN Beheads Trump And Fires Kathy Griffin “The Bride of ISIS!”

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Did CNN radicalized Griffin?

What a Headline… CNN Beheads Trump And Fires Kathy Griffin “The Bride of ISIS!” Is this just the EXPOSED face of liberalism? Or is this a new look to Democrats in disarray? Not to defend Kathy Griffin in anyway for her photo-shoot holding the decapitated head of the US President Donald Trump, but most comedians test the water of the cesspool they are about to dive into long before they do. Keep Reading

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