The Criminal News Network Is Trying To Destroy America!

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It is just bizarre that people have to protest out side CNN in order to send a message that people have clued in and they know the Criminal News Network is trying to destroy America! Is that too harsh? What else would you call it? IT isn’t just that they have a personal vendetta against the President of the Unites States, it is that their tabloid style agenda is obviously propaganda… but to what end?

It gets pretty bad when The National Enquirer seems to be more accurate than CNN, and cartoons in competition time-slots do better in ratings!  If it wasn’t so dangerous to the unity of the country it would be laughable. SNL should just take the failing “news” outlet under it’s wing… and incorporate it seamlessly into it’s own tasteless comedy. Then they could get Rosie O’Donnell an anchor spot, and unemployed Alec Baldwin could fake any Trump interviews or secret meeting videos they “leak” to the public.

It is just painful to watch how CNN’s chickens have come home to roost and all their nasty deeds are burying the already dead news outlet. This isn’t even news anymore, there seems to be less than a shred of journalism left in that old sinking scow. I don’t think it was Trump that sunk that ship, as much as it was their dishonest treasonous treachery. But, Trump was just man enough not to take their pretentious Crap!

CNN’s toxic cultural poison presents itself as a relentless smear campaign against Trump, to the extreme that if anyone was against him, they almost fell sorry for the martyr that he is becoming. Think about it, he is actually keeping his campaign promises, providing jobs for Americans and really Making America Great again! No one can deny that the MSM is trying to crucify him, at a time that Russian probes came up with nothing, but his own party is backstabbing him!

Look this isn’t just hurting a man who has put his life on hold to fix what is wrong with America… it really seems that the Criminal News Network is trying to destroy America! Who is pulling the strings at CNN anyway? Looks like some Globalist Deep State swamp critters are.

Trump was just man enough NOT to take their pretentious Crap!

Before the election…

CNN did a hit piece on Marco Rubio and quoted his spokesman as saying that he believed that Obama was “intentionally” trying to destroy America. They also quoted Alex Conant as saying “Marco is running for president because he believes America is a special place and he wants to keep it a special place” …well, now that Obama and crooked Hilary have been put to rest, what remains are the Networks that gave them a free pass!

But did they? OR were they the real force behind their campaigns and corruption? Maybe the real power is the propaganda that is saturating the West via the Liberal biased media. They always say follow the money… well you can also see who they are, by those they protect!

Just look at how CNN gushed over the heartless Nazi-loving George Soros in their “George Soros Fast Facts” …didn’t hardly mention how he and Bill Gates are named “The two most EVIL globalists of our time!” CNN should have their license pulled, or classified as Tabloid!

After the election…

The defining moment for Trump was nothing short of “An act of God!” Because everyone, and I mean everyone in every News outlet was saying that Trump was an underdog at least. But CNN’s Rachel Maddow went as far as to say that “if Trump has the best day in the entire world, completely outperforms expectations and he wins all of the toss-up States… which would be insane, because nobody wins all of the toss-up States… he would still lose.” Then America spoke!

The only thing better is seeing Anderson Cooper get trounced by Dept. Assistant to Trump Sebastian Gorka when it is obvious the Criminal News Network is trying to destroy America! But not for long.

Good News is, here’s a FREE BOOK that I would like to pass on. It has made an impression on me…

“Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper.

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  1. I am a 65 yr old male blue collar worker. I have watch news networks most of my life and I can say. I have never seen such trash as what is televised on CNN. This news network as lost sight of what there job is. To report the news. Keep your opinion to your self. It’s not your job to pick sides on politics. No wonder your rating suck.

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