Debunking The Debunkers!

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Why so peeved about Debunkers?

Because so many look to ‘’ to be debunkers… only to find out that Snopes is not an authority at all on anything! What caught my eye to this is last year’s scandalous release of the‘long form’ of Obama’s Birth Certificate. It would seem anyone who has a legit question about anything to do with Big-O is either a “truther” or a “birther” …I just want to know why the evidence is so damning, and anyone exposing it is called a fraud? Snopes is no better, they are either too stupid to see some blatant anomalies, or they are paid to go with the flow… let me show you what I mean…

The following is a release almost a year ago, and the evidence presented has never been properly addressed… unless some gov official yelling “Conspiracist” counts. SO if one looks at only one tidbit of info, like the PDF of Obama’s Birth Certificate you will see that it is of the poorest quality of fake. I myself noticed problems with the differing typeset featured on the document… and other issues of a greater sequence number than those issued a day later…Video#1 Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate…Is a Digitally Layered Photoshop Fake

Who cares if Obama was born here or there, on this date or that? But to cover with such poor forged documents, there seems to be a greater game afoot. NO one is that stupid in the gov, and if there are, America is in worse trouble than they thought with just a corrupt system! Check out the other concerns at the following sites and you will see what I mean.

Forensic Forgery Washington Times Report…

The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues…

You see there is some great investigative reporting, many years of research… all to be poo-pooed by Snopes? Seriously, these guys (gals) got to get out more! There are real experts in investigating the real bunk being handed to the American public by the Obama Squad… and it would seem that true free-thinkers are at a premium! Too lazy to search out anything, and just go to Snopes as their almighty god to expose the fakes and truths about any given question.

ANYONE think that there is something wrong with that picture? Even if some of the “conspiracists” get some details wrong…. who is going to care… because the real watchdogs of your freedom are shot at the end of their leash, before they can even sound a warning bark!

I am enlisting your help to help DEBUNK these so-called DEBUNKERS! ANYONE having any info on misinformation, misdirection, or just plain lazy throw-ins with a political party from Snopes… I will be happy to post it! REMEMBER your opinion is just as valid as theirs, THEY don’t have any more credentials than the blogger next door. Let’s expose these exposers for what and who they are!

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