Trudeau’s Canada Is A Refuge For ISIS And A Clear Threat To USA!

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As Trump’s campaign squashes ISIS abroad more and more of their “fearless fighters” flee the very death that their cowardly cult threatens. But what is more shameful than that is Canada’s Prime Minister has stated that convicted terrorists won’t lose citizenship, making ISIS fighters take refuge back in Canada when they are chased out of countries that they are terrorizing. It should be obvious Trudeau’s Canada Is A Refuge For ISIS And A Clear Threat To USA!

I am going to get right to it… Canadians seem held hostage by our Liberal government, and we just might need Trump to send in the marines to rescue us! Trudeau has made no qualms about giving 10 Million to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr, and wants all terrorists to retain their citizenship! By all accounts Canadians are powerless to stop this madman at the helm, and it would seem only political pressure from our American neighbors could help us now.

I know that Trudeau’s Canadian “open border” to illegals has garnered some support from Americans happy to get rid of their problem, but this soon may backfire! This problem actually has only moved a few feet across the world’s longest unprotected border, with just as easy access for return to the United States any time night or day.

Canada has seen it’s ISIS vehicular attack as now New York as seen similar carnage as first seen in Europe, and we won’t see the last of it. Trudeau may be a friend of these Jihadists, but don’t think for a second they are a friend of the West! ANY rational person would conclude that these world leaders understand how this works, especially after what we have seen in countries like Germany!

By the time Canada has a “changing of the guard” and a new PM, we will bankrupt… financially, politically and socially.

Hell in a hand-basket…

More and more it seems that the elite ruling class is using terror as a dog-whistle to call us into wanting more “protection” from a government that already is taxing us to death. IF the threat of global warming won’t do it as a credible taxable threat… how about some ISIS?

I cannot believe that our nations leaders are just stupid, and seeing they are smart, that there is a scary thought! When Trudeau takes his orders from guys like Soros, and set to donate 20 MILLION of our hard earned dollars to criminals like the Clintons, the only thing left to say is… WE ARE SCREWED! 

ISIS fighters are coming back to Canada. Are they a threat?

The sad thing about most of these attacks is that the “powers that be” tell us that they have had these individuals under surveillance, yet other priorities prevented them from taking any action. That said, surveillance seems to be the only thing that Canadian RCMP are prepared to do…

…while more people have to die, they will keep a vigilant watch. Thank you soooo very much! It is clear that political reasons are at play here, when you can be arrested and jailed for not using proper pronouns when it comes to someone identifying other than their biological sex… and not for being a radical Islamic Terrorist!

The problem isn’t getting any better, and our budgets in Canada are not “balancing themselves” so we just might need an American intervention. IF it was any other president (like Barack Hussein Obama) I don’t think that his billions in sympathies would be other than that of his childhood upbringing, but this President Trump might just be the Ticket!

In Trump we have the least-political or politically correct President ever, who won’t be hoodwinked by globalists into giving Jihadists a free pass.

One man’s Trump…

And this is what I am counting on, when Trump goes to defend his northern border against Trudeau’s Terrorists, he will exorcise the kind of political will that should send these “losers” back to their bombed out homelands! IT is just too bad that our Prime Minister wasn’t so globally, politically and sexually conflicted… and would simply grab a pair, standing for Canada for once in his life! 

I for one am not holding my breath for that, however I do pray for the PM of Canada, and for all those who so foolishly voted for him. I support the legal democratic voting system we do have, and seek only the legal means of stopping the madness the Liberal Party has brought to Canada… because as everyone knows it is pretty hard to un-rape a nation! 

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  1. Here is a quote from ‘American Greatness’ author Brandon J. Weichert… “Trump Administration needs to recognize that it must defend America from bad Canadian immigration policy as vigorously as it seeks to defend America from an adversarial Mexican immigration policy. Indeed, in many respects, whereas illegal immigration from Mexico mostly represents a threat to America’s economy, the possibility of illegal immigration from neighboring Canada represents physical danger to Americans in the form of Islamic terror. We’d better take it seriously, and soon.”

  2. I don’t know if we can… when our premier law enforcement in the RCMP won’t investigate clear ethics violations and conflicts of interest… bribery of our PM by the Chinese… again, sadly I don’t know if we can.

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