‘Jihad’ Justin Trudeau That Handsome Devil!

Interviewed about Justin Trudeau’s foreign policies, by Stefan Molyneux, Ezra Levant said “Every single thing you look at, seems to be not just neutral in the war against Islamic terror, but on the other side!” After doing some basic research (something all Canada should have done) on Trudeau’s upbringing and political grooming, we discover a ‘Trojan Horse’ a Manchurian Canadian befitting his nickname… ‘Jihad Justin’. It may be hard to believe, but all that is left to do by ‘Jihad’ Justin Trudeau that handsome Devil, is change our National Anthem to… O Caliphate!

Ezra Levant from the REBEL.MEDIA again says “There is a push and a pull, on the one side it shows too much deference to radical Islam, so much so that even a convicted terrorist he (Trudeau) thinks should have citizenship… but there is also his devaluation of what it means to be a citizen of Canada.”

WHy massive immigration doesn’t work

Levant dedicates an entire chapter to this Canadian colonization by George Soros… who has taken Justin under his web to accomplish his globalist agenda. Trudeau treasonously partnered Canada with the Soros’ Open Society Foundations, to work jointly on the Canadian/Muslim refugee policy and to combat anti-globalist ideas. Trudeau/Soros partnership also fields a propaganda machine to combat anyone who is against open-borders, or questions Muslim migration into Canada.

Another think Levant makes clear, is that of the first 30,000 migrants, almost ZERO were taken from refugee camps…

“The vast vast majority were already resettled in the region, in Jordan, Turkey or Beirut… they were in apartments, some of them had jobs, they were already integrated. But to get those stats up, to get the artificial quota done, Trudeau ripped out these Muslim-Syrian migrants… and pulled them to Canada, just for photo-ops… they actually did not need saving! If you’re in Jordan you don’t need saving. …You’ve got to sort between the lambs and the wolves, he (Trudeau) is positively pro-wolf and anti-lamb!” [marker 24:10min.]

“…(Trudeau) is positively pro-wolf and anti-lamb!” —Ezra Levant

How in the world did this even happen? What were the factors that caused this insane choice for Prime Minister? In my opinion it was a perfect-storm of a few factors that was Canada’s undoing…

  1. Media held Harper to a standard they wouldn’t hold a Liberal to
  2. Aboriginal Racism against Harper for Bill C-27 ‘Transparency Act’
  3. Middle-Aged ‘Cougars’ traded in their minds… for a fair-haired Prince
  4. LGBT Community actually believed Trudeau’s lie that he was a feminist
  5. And over 30% of registered voters didn’t even show up to vote!

Let’s do the math, Justin Trudeau came to power with only 27% of the popular vote! What it amounted to was only 40% of 68.5% possible voters! And need I say it, Trudeau didn’t even have 2.7% experience at a real job, let alone running a G8 country! So what is worse? Is it the inept PM, or the misinformed, disgruntled, day-dreaming, uninformed or absentee Canadians who put him at the helm?

Unfortunately this is but a reflection of the generation that we are now living in… Postmodernism has devoured every iota of common sense, placing an entitled son-of-an elitist, slash failed drama teacher in the seat of absolute power?! Well, for now we endure Trudeau’s embolden mockery of Canadian Law and public trust.

Here is how the refugee scam works…

The thing is, it isn’t merely that Trudeau is inexperienced, but that he is being dangled by “puppet masters” to irreparably destroy Canadian sovereignty. Check out his treasonous laundry list below, and consider what can be done about it…

we endure Trudeau’s embolden mockery of Canadian Law and public trust

  1. Treasonous partnership with riot-inciting “Puppeteer” George Soros
  2. Attended Liberal cash-for-access for Chinese Billionaires $1Mil Donation
  3. Private home meeting nets approval of Wealth One Bank
  4. ‘Illegal’ Trudeau vacation to the Aga Khan’s island

  5. Fast-track citizenship for refugees! (so they can vote Liberal)

  6. Liberal money for mosque …with Muslim Brotherhood ties
  7. Trudeau’s open-border open invitation to break Immigration Laws
  8. Trudeau gives your cash to Hamas-influenced group
  9. Trudeau rewards a terrorists with citizenship
  10. Trudeau attends Islamic conference w/sponsor linked to Hamas

The following is an example of the arrogance and defiance in breaking Canadian Law on his vacation trip to “Billionaire Island” …and is now under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner. Trudeau is asked some 23 times about whether or not he met with the Ethics Commissioner, and his response is childish at least, ignorant at best, but at worst… the state of his mental health…

It is a sad day in Canadian history that our Prime Minister seems to operate above the Law, and will not answer to any authority trying to hold him accountable. Now Canada has a Refugee crisis, and out of control spending and gifts to foreign nations is bankrupting the future of Canada. This rogue globalist PM seems now the biggest threat to our national sovereignty and financial sustainability. If only Trudeau were as concerned with our homeless, and the poor living conditions among our 1st Nations communities!

There are gag laws and bills being passed to silence the airing of these contentions. Even moves to allow migrants and “refugees” to vote in the next election… thus stacking the deck in the favor of their most prestigious human trafficker. On every hand this PM has become a treasonous mess that his Marxist father created. Many people don’t know that Pierre Trudeau’s constitutional debacle put us in this position to begin with!

Can Justin Trudeau be Removed?
If Trump were Canada’s Prime Minister

Already there is no possible way for Canada to recover from the damage that Justin Trudeau has levied against our sovereign nation, but it is imperative that we STOP THE BLEEDING and have the Governor General remove him so we can mitigate the damages. Some would ask… Is this even possible? Yes, the Governor General does this all the time. Every time a new Prime Minister is elected, the GG dissolves Parliament and removes the Prime Minister and appoints a new one.

Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you… looking at the state of The United Kingdom, it would seem Islamic’s have their free reign over Her Majesty the Queen already… “Sharia law in UK is now in penetration phase 4”.

On the bright side, here is a free eBook…

“Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper. 

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  1. It is so sad that even young children are indoctrinated and who knows if they are embedded among refugees. Justin Trudeau has visited similar extremist mosques, and has never condemned their actions. He keeps saying he is a feminist, but his support for radical Islam speaks louder than his mere words. Here is a video of this sadistic ideology, that destroys their own families, and anyone who comes in contact with them… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=9b8pHQSCisc

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