Justin Trudeau’s Canadian “Refugee Railroad”

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Was it German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ignorance of Radical Islam, or was it Germany’s antisemitic history merely repeating itself through a different means? The Islamic culture, radical or otherwise, openly proclaims that it would enjoy another Holocaust… and in that insane vein of political unrest Angela Merkel opens their doors to “refugees” …thus dividing and conquering Europe.

In the light of what is happening in Europe at the hands of Radical Islam, I suppose that Angela Merkel’s predecessor Adolph Hitler would have been proud! Considering everything that is happening around the entire world, ONLY A FOOL would not be able to see the danger in this unsafe, and unconstitutional open-border policy… enter stage left, former acting teacher Trudeau’s Canadian “Refugee” Railroad!


“We have to be careful. We’re allowing thousands of people to come into our country, thousands and thousands of people being placed all over the country that frankly nobody knows who they are. They don’t have documentation in many cases. In most cases. We don’t know what we’re doing. Let’s see what happens. This could be a very serious problem for the future” -Donald Trump

So get this, Trump is building a wall at the USA southern border… yet the longest unprotected border in the world (in the North) should be a bigger concern! Canada and the United States are now in similar jeopardy as Europe, since (acting) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited a world of any kind of Islam to Canada over Twitter. And that is not leading the argument, Trudeau actually believes that even convicted terrorists should not lose their Canadian citizenship!?

TheRebel.Media’s… Faith Goldy does a smashup job detailing how the Canadian Police seem to have been given an open-arms mandate by the PM, and this puts both the USA and Canada at a security risk from undocumented, unvetted illegal aliens. The worst part is that it is happening literally right under the mainstream media’s noses (NBC specifically), and they are either covering it up or resistant to cover this story!

“Stranger than fiction” …as Faith Goldy puts it, the NBC News office and satellite hub is but seconds away from where the entire story of article “BOMBSHELL: Inside Canada-USA “Refugee” Trafficking Ring” …actually took place!

“A flood of fake refugees — the vast majority of whom are single men from the Middle East — illegally entering Canada from the United States. And a wide network now established to traffic humans to Canada — all at the prime minister’s invitation. This is a story you have to see to believe.” -Faith Goldy

In a previous article I wrote on our fair-haired Prime Minister, The Manchurian Canadian… how in my opinion Justin Trudeau is bankrupting Canada with unfettered spending, and pay-to-play shenanigans… is now sealing Canada’s coffin with open borders, to anything that will cross into this unprotected haven of unrest! To top it off, the Liberals are passing a bill that would gag any attempts to criticize Islam, Radical or otherwise.

The ultimate hypocrisy is that Trudeau brags at every opportunity how much of a Feminist he is… all the while keeping his mouth shut over the GLOBAL atrocities of the every-day ideology of Islam against women and children.

I believe that everyone should have the right to believe whatever they want… even if it is wrong. That said, I also think that there should be a separation of Church and State… and the Canadian Government should not prefer one religion over the other, by preference or protection.

It is just too bad that an entire nation can be brought to destruction and bankruptcy… monetarily, culturally and politically, by a single Prime Minister. It is an embarrassment to be a Canadian at times… thinking of all the deaths of veterans, and sacrifices of pioneers… rendered irrelevant by a single Liberal, and the uninformed public who voted for him.

Am I a bit bitter? Aaah Yeah! When we saw how the former Conservative government under Stephen Harper brought stability, security and financial prosperity to Canada and then have to witness this child PM throwing caution and fiscal responsibility to the wind… I’d say bitter, and then some!

Trudeau has been trained in pay-to-pay by the Clintons, molded in socialism by childhood family role-model Fidel Castro, accepts bribes from Chinese through the Trudeau foundation… the list could go on. But what is currently appalling, is that this unaccountable entitled elitist brat is filling his Globalist pockets as fast as he can, bears no loyalty to Canada what soever!

So Canada becomes a “Sanctuary State” …and a sucker for punishment. The real kicker is when we all become reduced to refugees, because of this anti-christian, antisemitic, inhumane Islamic ideology… the “free” handouts will be gone!

Well, maybe not all…

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    • After literally thousands of illegal crossings, the RCMP have failed to charge anyone in regards to their illegal crossing! As the Rebel.Media suggests, the RCMP is acting as “bell hops” …carrying handbags, for unvetted illegal aliens. If the Rebel’s figures are correct, half of the thousands crossing into Canada illegally, have serious pre-existing criminal records… in effect the RCMP are aiding and abetting these criminals!

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