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The ocean levels may not have risen an inch, but the planet’s social, economic, and political CLIMATE CHANGE is flooding the earth with predictable chaos! Are we to believe the WEF a modern-day prophet or merely a planning agency for the New World Order? Their “8 Predictions” for “The Great Reset” by 2030 is a plan that #1, “You will own nothing.” And if you thought that couldn’t happen because of the USA, they have a plan for that too; #2, “The US won’t be the world’s leading superpower.” The WEF has declared war on the USA!

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We are witnessing the globalist hostile takeover of Canada. Following the World Economic Forum playbook, Marxist powers of this age have “penetrated” the Liberal Government of Canada by the Queen’s Royal Assent. Foreign actors and interests currently control the Prime Minister by bribery, blackmail, or ambition, all under the guiding eye of the Monarchy. An autocoup has already dismissed our Constitution, mandated tyranny, holding many nations hostage by the price of fuel.

Why the Monarchy? To what end? Colonialism by proxy! This is that “new and ambitious work” the Queen promised in her globalist compact with China in 2015. When you consider British history, you haven’t seen anything yet! What part of the World Economic Forum’s Prediction #2 don’t we understand? By 2030, “The US won’t be the world’s leading superpower!” Covid Wars destroy economies that, in turn, allow China to infiltrate and colonize those hurting countries, with unpayable loans subsidized by the World Bank in return for more mandates and debt by their patsies.

But suppose you disagree with the mandates and mantras propagated by the Liberal Government? In that case, regardless of whether the world has moved on and freed up their nations, you are a Climate Change denying racist xenophobe! Anyone resisting Canada’s “basic dictatorship” will be met with textbook propagandized accusations. Anyone with the audacity to protest peacefully will be trampled, targeted, and have their rights terminated. Most see our PM as a failure, but that can’t be further from the truth; he has succeeded at being an embedded asset for foreign interests!

We need to stop calling them liberals and begin referring to them as exactly what they are: American Communists, that wish to partake in the destruction of Western civilization.

Candace Owens

As we sit around Canada Day dismissing our impending invasion, these treasonous infiltrators are selling off our birthright and pawning off our futures! It is almost too late to ask the question, “WHO is to blame?” but there are questions that may not be too late to ask. 1) Will my compliance further empower these traitors 2) would I rather live on my knees than die on my feet 3) why does it state in our Constitution Preamble that “Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”? Controlled by Big Tech, poisoned by Big Pharma, lied to by Big Media, all financed by Big Money, and enforced by treasonous Globo-Cops; these act as god above the law!

A thousand books cannot contain all the evil that is conspired against our Canada—neither can a thousand books contain the testimony of those who are giving and would give all to defend her. We are not victims; we have been brought to this moment because we are made for it! Regardless of the sides we chose, history will remember Canadians today. Call it destiny, call it fate, but this storm is our opportunity; we must dig in and find some way to shine. Godspeed!

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    ..looking back to 2017 and how it all started… (click pic to take you back)…

    This is a modern true-life story of how a Drama Teacher finds himself thrown into a political position within the Canadian Government. Even though his campaign misses the deadline twice to make him an illegitimate candidate, globalist forces pull strings to give “retroactive” extensions to make it happen. On the surface as far as mere credentials are concerned, this failed drama teacher wouldn’t have had a hope in Hell of winning… but given his charm and nice hair, the simple made their selection… in my opinion this Manchurian Canadian ends up owing a Globalist debt! (click pic to take you back)…

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