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If Eternity Exists, Why Would God Force Us To Live Here Any Longer


If Eternity exists, why would God force us to live here any longer than He already does?

Each individual has an eternity waiting for them to experience, so why would God make this life… all that there is? Look at it from God’s perspective… the test of one’s character is this life, and really the answer to the question what we would do with the opportunity of life in this world. Keep Reading

Trump Needs A MAGA Miracle… “Make America Great Amen!”


2020 election slogan should be changed slightly, because Trump needs a MAGA MIRACLE… “Make America Great Amen!”

I personally have never seen a more openly biased media, more “Deep State” actors exposed for a Coup d’état attempt against a sitting President… Keep Reading

If Not Covid It’s Something Else, Facing The Fear Of Death


If not Covid it’s something else, facing the fear of death however, may be easier than you think. You see, death we only face once… but the “fear of death” we can face over and over again! Did you get that? The fear of something you can re-live repeatedly regardless of reality! A Phobia. Keep Reading

Predator Pedophile Priests Seem The Rule Not Exception!

Just like the 2002 Boston Globe Spotlight on Catholic Priest pedophilia intimated then, predator pedophile priests seem the rule not exception! Despite this global phenomenon, denial and cover-ups within Catholicism and within law enforcement, sadly appear equaled to the tragedy.

It is incomprehensible how such evil is not run out of every nation it is perpetrated! Keep Reading

Does God Have The Right To Answer Prayer His Way?


So, does God have the right to answer prayer His way? OR are our prayers merely rhetorical questions, that have to be answered in a prescribed manner? “Pray without ceasing” the Bible says… and some days I do just that. I have all kinds of prayers I am tossing up, but to be  honest, many of them are rhetorical and sarcastic. That is right, sarcastic. Keep Reading

Hell Is Too Good A Punishment!

When you consider how accurate the scriptures of the past, peg the actions of the present and our near future, one isn’t surprised at all that God destroyed the Earth in Noah’s Flood. And one would have to look no further than the torture of children by pedophile organizations, one would also agree that even Hell is too good a punishment!

Saying nothing about the withholding of food from the starving, medication to the sick and clean water to the thirsty. How about murder, rape and lies… Keep Reading

The Shack, Should Be Called… The Sham!

The definition of ‘sham’ is to falsely or present something as the truth, or represent a something that is really not what it is purported to be. And in my opinion, The Shack, should be called… The Sham! On one hand, the author of the book William P. Young will tell you that it is merely fiction, yet in interviews he tells the world “The Shack is theology” (as in Paul Young’s forward to C. Baxter Kruger’s ‘The Shack Revisited’) …so which is it? Keep Reading

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