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Coronavirus Coup

Watch Video YouTube Took Down Of Doctors Criticizing Quarantine

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Two doctors from California, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, recently did a virtual press conference on their view of recent lock-down orders. Dr. Dan Erickson criticized the lock-down orders, because the sick are usually the ones being quarantined not the healthy! The following video is the primer 12 min. video for the longer 108 min. video that follows. Keep Reading

Global “Coronavirus Coup” And WHO’s The Beast!

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Do the math, it seems obvious that there is a Global “Coronavirus Coup” and WHO’s the Beast! WHO in the world can cause everyone to receive an identification mark to be able to work, buy and sell. WHO on the planet wields such power over duly elected governments! WHO on Earth just nullified every constitutional right of the “Sovereign” United States of America! Keep Reading

Wick Trump 2

Flu D’état, Flu D’etat Or Flu Detat …What’s John Trump 2 Do?

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Whatever you call it Flu D’état, Flu D’etat Or Flu Detat …What’s John Trump 2 Do? When anything can nullify constitutional rights, and cancel duly elected government… it IS the “existential threat” to America! Makes you wonder if CO-V-ID means Communist Virus Identification?  Keep Reading

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