Flu D’état, Flu D’etat Or Flu Detat …What’s John Trump 2 Do?

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Wick Trump 2

Whatever you call it Flu D’état, Flu D’etat Or Flu Detat …What’s John Trump 2 Do? When anything can nullify constitutional rights, and cancel duly elected government… it IS the “existential threat” to America! Makes you wonder if CO-V-ID means Communist Virus Identification? 

How many people died in American wars? Were their deaths in vain? They bled and died for American justice and freedom… all to be taken away by martial law in the fear of a virus? People die all the time and hundreds of times over by many different means… is the constitution and bill of rights to be canceled because of that?

This bug from communist China has infected the fearful minds and hearts more than the bodies of Americans! But the death toll from that infection will be incalculable!

Where is the American protest for unalienable rights? Where is the American patriotism of life and liberty? And where is that all-American pursuit of happiness… the entire world is watching, and is so desperately, prayerfully waiting!

I know it’s a raw deal, but America you alone have a constitutional model for freedom and democracy! Is it perfect? No, but it is all you need to stand up against viral tyranny! Look around you America… you are the last one standing… so, STAND!

1.The First Amendment; including the freedom of religion, speech, assembly, press, and petition… all but LOST.

2. Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures LOST; police are stopping Americans to check their “papers” to see if they are “essential workers” or not.

3. Right to a speedy trial LOST; the courts now are operating under major restrictions.

4. Freedom from excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishments LOST; while criminals are loosed on a fearful public, law abiding citizens are being punished.

5. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness LOST; once appearing in the Declaration of Independence… has America become dependent on the United Nations?

This bug from communist China has infected the fearful minds and hearts… more than the bodies of Americans!

Liz Wheeler offers some good logical take-aways from the bigger picture of what is happening to America…

Do those in charge actually care about the real data and science?

It seems everything that the Government is telling us to do in the Coronavirus “lock-down” is against good science (paraphrased from The Final Point video excerpt):

  1. If the risk of Covid-19 transmission intrafamily is high while locked down in your home, and risk of casual transmission outside of your home is low, almost nil…
  2. And if social distancing reduces “herd immunity” and if the risk to the elderly is higher because of the lock-downs, because the lock-downs don’t stop transmission, it only slows it down…
  3. And if projection models were wrong from day one (and they were), and if hospitals aren’t over-run and the only hospitals shutting down are because they don’t have enough patients…
  4. And if sunlight kills the virus within just over a minute in the open air, and if fatality rates are much lower, and hospitalization rates are much lower, because most are asymptomatic…
  5. And if we know that people die from the lock-down, because of the lock-downs from delayed medical treatment, suicides, domestic abuse and economic devastation, or the release of criminals…

“Then how can politicians imposing the lock-downs on us justify those lock-downs and pretend to care about science? IF you care about science and the data, then the lock-downs are insane, and the data shows it!” ―Liz Wheeler

It appears “WHO is On First!”  …and the World Health Organization is playing President Trump in an Abbott And Costello routine! Because of the Deep-State in America today; the world could use a little Donald John (Wick) Trump about now!

The Donald needs to stop playing all WWE …and bring a little UFC! Fauci and friends are playing Trump for a fool… and I can’t wait to see the look on Tony’s face when he hears those words… “You’re Fired!”

…the world could use a little Donald John (Wick) Trump about now!

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The Patriot President, Donald John Trump 2020: A “Flu D’état!” 

“Like Chapter 2 of John Wick, Trump has many proverbial guns to his head… from the news media, the social media and Hollywood’s entertainment media. It would seem Trump should have already died a death of a million paper cuts! But like a true American Patriot he bleeds red, white, and blue… that’s something money can’t buy!”

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