Global “Coronavirus Coup” And WHO’s The Beast!

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Do the math, it seems obvious that there is a Global “Coronavirus Coup” and WHO’s the Beast! WHO in the world can cause everyone to receive an identification mark to be able to work, buy and sell. WHO on the planet wields such power over duly elected governments! WHO on Earth just nullified every constitutional right of the “Sovereign” United States of America!

WHO’s on first!

It matters little that America won’t fund the World Health Organization (WHO), because the real moneybags like Gates, Soros, Bezos do! Not to mention China and anyone else that WHO will want to survive this global economic take-over. As a nation the USA is the most powerful… but in a United Nations consortium… WHO even has their minions bending the ears of those in charge of policy in the United States… WHO’s a BEAST! 

“And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” ―Revelation 13:16-17

At no time in our history could world domination control every personal purchase… until now! Until now we haven’t had the technology and globalist will to pull it off. Today nationalism is berated as xenophobic and racist, and if one would but put the interests of their own nation first they would be nothing less than a NAZI!

Some would ask if I really think that the WHO is the “Beast of Revelation?” To that I would respond: WELL, if it walks like a Serpent, and talks like a Serpent… seriously though, an organization’s logo is a serpent?

I think it is ironically fitting how some organizations choose their mascots… the World Health Organization with a snake, and the Democrats with a JACKASS! 

And yet, it’s all fun and games until they shut down the world economy, and we have to go begging to them for bread! And we will. Yes I read The Book and I know how it ends, but every dog has his day… in this case every SNAKE! Time and eternity is well within our hands, and there is Hell to pay!

“…that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan…” ―Revelation 20:2

Where’ve we seen that symbolism before? 

The WHO is supposed to be the World Health Organization, there to alert the world in case of a global pandemic or something… they are supposed to be the watch-dogs ready to sniff-out trouble… but instead they facilitated trouble!

World-wide pandemic kind of trouble!

They not only got Coronavirus wrong… but they are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths because of their negligence! The following is an example of how they wanted the whole world to see the Coronavirus…

WHO said there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” …simply parroting propaganda from China! Through the UN they are the means to target both health and the wealth of the entire world! 

Body-counts mean nothing to these people, only power, wealth and control. People are the commodities these globalists trade in, used as pawns to advance their global New World Order. However they still have a few nationalist hold-outs, defending old fashioned morals like patriotism and dusty documents like the American constitution!

…if it walks like a Serpent, and talks like a Serpent…

Big Tech: Coronavirus Coup Militia…

It doesn’t matter if WHO is “the Beast” of Revelation, or just “a Beast” …the point is that they are haply among many who would be willing to be an instrument for world domination. When their false information kills tens of thousands, shutting down global commerce (killing even more), it is time to end the you know… WHO!

Why are we supporting social media monopolies keep the truth from us? Are we somehow served by Big Tech blinding our eyes, gagging our mouths and flooding us with communist China propaganda? WHO thinks that’s a good idea!

When is the US Government going to protect it’s citizens from an obvious globally orchestrated Coronavirus Coup? Has the UN along with all it’s globalist cronies, won this war for global domination without even firing a shot?

Will America give in to the Globalist agenda? Will America once again go to war for it’s independence and God given freedoms? Or will the embedded Deep State actors rot America’s democracy from the inside? WHO only knows! 

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