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The Inkletter™ team has been looking to find excited new authors to bring a fresh new approach to journalistic blogging, and creative writing… could you ever imagine your written works published online? We offer a free subscription so that you can blog free, just fill out the contact form below and request a free subscription… and we will have you blogging in no time!

We also have a blog-to-book project that is open to comments as an interactive between reader and writer. Readers can suggest both copy or content editing. The result, a “real-time” feel to the final copy published in hard copy. At this time we have a couple books ready to launch, they are produced raw in eBook format, uncensored and unedited. You can request a free chapter before purchasing, just fill out the contact form below and request your Free Chapter!

The best part is, we offer a Affiliate Subscription when you purchase a book, and we will pay you 40% on any referral sales! 

So whether it is reading, blogging or becoming a profit sharing affiliate… Inkletter™ may just be just what you needed!

Keep in mind that we are still under construction and your input is appreciated!

The idea is to have each blog/book chapter accommodate comments and debates, and reflect any content and editing. Consequently, it will be an opensource of material, links and research data. At anytime a reader can purchase a complete online-version of the book, and depending on the subscription, be paid for sale referrals! In addition, these books will reflect upgrades as open-sourced material as it is integrated into the raw format data… and will include upgrade of the final copy.

Any suggestions that are given to the writer of the blog/book will remain the property of the writer of the blog/book, and writers may or may not give credit to anyone giving advice, scrutiny or comment. It would be at the writer’s discretion if any upgrades posted are credited to the originators of such copy or content editing. Our desire here at Inkletter™ is to provide a new forum in the production of writing blogs, articles and books. It is a dream of ours to see written works go the full distance… from blogs to bestsellers! So what are you waiting for? Get your Subscription today!

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