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  1. FREE Subscription to INKLETTER.COM gives you access to all public content, as well host your own blog page! Simply fill out the subscription form, accept the terms of service… and you are set! We are looking for bloggers, writers and commentators to promote their works and share their views and opinions on all categories featured, or possibly address some things not yet covered. We are looking forward to seeing your input… we do have some house rules and moderators that can assist our writers to make the best impact here at Inkletter™ …please check out our terms of service.
  2. Affiliate Subscription to INKLETTER.COM includes FREE Subscription features, and is activated upon any purchase of one of our eBooks. This subscription allows you to have a blog platform (if you don’t already), and profit-share in any additional books you promote through your own social media. With an Affiliate Subscription you will be given a personal promo code linked to your account, that when used, gives a discount to the customer and gives you a 40% commission on that sale. Commissions are ONLY paid on direct promo code sales, no down-line sales and NOT MLM!

Why are we paying out so much? Well, we are looking to kick-start our own books by first presenting them in raw eBook format to our readers, so we can consider any feed-back before putting them into print. Who better to critique our works than our readers? Who better to profit from doing just that? …OUR AFFILIATE READERS! Subscribe now and use social media to start earning some money today! You do all the promoting, isn’t it time for you to get your share?

“You do all the promoting, isn’t it time for you to get your share?”

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