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It has always been my desire at Inkletter… to bring truth to life, somewhat the opposite of the movies. Too often we want to escape our realities in hopes of finding some reprieve from the panic generated from our own narratives. BUT… what if we could discover the fantastic truth behind each of our stories, somehow generated to be fit for this very moment? The very life of trials and temptations molding us for this very place in time… when the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear!

Instead of Unicorns and Rainbows… how about our very place in our parallel universe? Don’t act surprised! Every scientist alludes to black holes to time warp, it is their attempt to address the “magic” of the world we live in. Yes… magic! They very well cannot call them miracles, because that would have them evoking God. It isn’t so much that God doesn’t exist in their minds, it’s just for the life of them, they cannot accept the God it would take to get this whole “ball” rolling… and keep it going in complete balance, order and the rule of law.

I have written a few books on these issues from differing perspectives, but it is my desire to offset them chapter by chapter, verse by verse… against the opinion of the reader in an interactive forum on this very website. I will be posting these books RAW in blog-style, where readers can comment, rant and rave about certain points being made… in their attempt to persuade other readers and myself to redirect the story-line into a plot twist. And this very thing I am willing to do!

I invite you to interact with each upcoming chapter of each successive book, to lend me a valued piece of your perspective… keeping in mind that each comment may or may not be used to further develop the hard-copy of the book discussed. IF your comments are used, perused and abused… with or without acknowledgement, I will with the sole right to do so. Thank you in advance for your participation.

One of the purposes of this site is to develop writers and bloggers into their own salable works. I invite you to subscribe and launch your own books chapter by chapter and verse by verse, to create your own masterpieces, and write your very future, led by your own… Inkheart!

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