George Soros Picked Dead Bodies Clean For Nazis, Has Problem With A Mafia State

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George Soros picked dead bodies clean for Nazis, has problem with a Mafia State? What the Hell is his problem? Soros admits that he confiscated property from Jews that were being sent off to death camps… and then (grinning like a dog eating bovine feces) says he has no regrets…

Now this whole “Mafia-State” he says Trump is creating in America is purely his fantasy, but he is just jealous that he couldn’t manipulate the American public as he thought, through Antifa. Now he (like a Democrat dog-whistle) genders fear that all that money Trump is putting in American pockets… is some terrific evil… DANG!

Then he seems to go on to threaten Trump, by insinuating that he may not make it to his 2020 re-election! Soros says that he “considers the Trump administration a danger to the world!” Really?

He is calling on the world to see Trumps administration a danger to the world… a threat to Global security? Where does this Nazi-hugging (and truly white supremacist) get off by pointing his bloody crooked finger at a man who has done more for the Black Community than their anti-savior Obama?!

George Soros’ War on America: Time to Prosecute the Billionaire’s Global Crime Spree

““Not My President! Not My President!” Day after day, in cities from coast to coast, the chanting mobs of rioters have illegally blocked streets and freeways, set fires, thrown Molotov cocktails, injured police officers, destroyed property, and defaced public buildings with graffiti. Portland, Oregon, a bastion of “progressive” Democrats, has been the epicenter of much of the violent action aimed at president-elect Donald Trump. Of course, as we have previously reported, not only did most of the Portland rioters who were arrested fail to register to vote, a large percentage of them appear to be professional, paid protesters.”

There has even been…

“A petition to the White House calling for Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros to be declared a ‘terrorist’ has garnered more than 140,000 signatures, far exceeding the 100,000 needed to require an official response from the administration.” 

George Soros picked dead bodies clean for Nazis, has problem with  a Mafia State?

Jon Voight said this about Soros

“How many Americans are aware of George Soros? An evil man who turned hundreds of Jewish people over to the Nazis to be exterminated during World War Two. He was interviewed on 60 Minutes and was asked if he feels guilty for what he has done. And arrogantly, he said absolutely not, if I didn’t do it, someone else would have. Soros is a billionare who made most of his money manipulating currencies, and almost bankrupted many countries. He supports hate groups who are responsible for taking down our cities. And he is a close friend of Hillary Clinton, and a major supporter of her campaign.” Real Clear Politics

Even Nigel Farage unveils George Soros corruption with EU…

At the end of the day, George Soros has no room to talk about Trump… he isn’t even qualified to carry his water! President Donald Trump has schooled these globalists BIG TIME… and furthermore has literally TAKES THEM TO CHURCH! Wow, Trump is blowing these clowns back to their carny tent with face in hand. IF Soros wasn’t so evil, one would feel sorry for him!

BTW Obama…

“KKK, Slavery and Jim Crow” was a product of the Democrat Party… “From Democratic support for slavery, let’s turn to the party’s complicity in segregation and the Ku Klux Klan.  Democrats in the 1880s invented segregation and Jim Crow laws that lasted through the 1960s.  Democrats also came up with the “separate but equal” rationale that justified segregation and pretended that it was for the benefit of African Americans.” Dinesh D’Souza

I know that we are inundated by Politics and that some people say they have had enough… but the truth of the matter is people can’t get enough! This whole thing since Trump has been elected is better than day-time “Soaps” and Reality TV …and so leaving Hollyweird in the dust! In fact Hollywood is “DONE” according to Vanity Fair and Paul Haggis …but who even cares? Right?

Here is a peek into why Hollyweird hates Trump… “Think about it… when the economy is doing good and you have cash in your pocket… you don’t have to settle for artificial entertainment! When jobs are sure, and credit is available, people can take those holidays, feeling more independent to spend money on personal experience. Could this be the simple reason Hollywood is bashing Trump?  A good economy means bad Hollywood Box Office sales… but in recessions ticket sales soar!” Inkletter

Well, I can’t fix the problem like the Dems fixed their Primaries, but I do  have a treat for you! There is hope and more of what life has to offer, and this FREE eBook by John Piper is a good place to start…

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