Obamaflix, Brought To You By The Shadow State!

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As Barack Obama enters a 3rd term as the USA (shadow) President, Soros-Productions unveils its new globalist flagship… Obamaflix, brought to you by the Shadow State! Hoping to “curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices” …Obama uses a term for clergy “entrusted with the cure of souls, as a parish priest.” No doubt their radical leftist globalist ideology will be presented as the cure for conservatism!


That’s all playing nicey-nice but what is behind this Socialist Organizer Barack Hussein Obama? We see the cool demeanor of a politician that promised “Hope and Change” …but what the American people got was more dope and strange!  

The truth is “The nation’s first African-American president was a disaster for black wealth” and instead of loading America with jobs and stability, he unloaded it’s wealth; dividing and weakening the nation abroad. Just listen to Obama’s arrogant mockery of the incoming Trump Presidency on jobs he would get back…

The thing is… does America want it’s former/failed President programming networks with his bitter bile? Think of it, Trump is not only systematically dismantling Obama’s legacy, but is really healing the losses uncured by Chicago’s notorious Socialist organizer.

So like Hillary asking “What happened?” Obama is like a jilted ex-girlfriend… stalking America! Now we have to hear the never-ending-story filtered through Obamaflix? So what are we to do…  Obamaflixandchill? #EnoughAllready!

Trump is not only systematically dismantling Obama’s legacy, but is really healing the losses uncured by Chicago’s notorious Socialist organizer.

Shadow State… SPYGATE!

Obama interviewed by Chris Wallace sat there and lied, saying that there is zero political influence in DOJ and FBI… when we know for a fact that his “White House was running” Spygate! Because now we know Obama’s DOJ and FBI planted operatives within the Trump Campaign to frame Donald Trump and exonerate Hillary…

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks!” And in this case as many others, this guy (Obama) is trying to cover his tracks! With the new IG Report out, even (the watered-down version) states that the main FBI agents covering the Hillary Investigation (matter) were completely biased against Trump.

It isn’t just Spygate (FBI spies in Trump campaign), it is Hillarygate (11 Federal Laws Hillary Clinton broke) and the phony Russiagate (false claims Trump colluded with Russia)… especially when all trails lead back to Obama and Clinton… the corrupt Democratic National Convention!

BUT… the kicker for me isn’t just the historical corruption within the Obama administration …BUT the endless historical SCANDALS! 

18 Major Obama Scandals…

  • The “stimulus” heist
  • Fast and Furious
  • Contempt of Congress
  • ObamaCare
  • Spying on journalists
  • The IRS scandal
  • Benghazi
  • Clinton’s secret server
  • Pigford scandal
  • NSA spying
  • Iran nuclear bribe
  • Polluting Colorado river
  • The GSA scandal
  • VA death-list scandal
  • Secret Service gone wild
  • and more…

I think that the Democrats have flooded the air with all this distraction to make the public so sick and tired of it, that they just want it to go away! To the extent that the public doesn’t want to hear anymore about counsels and inquiries… but they are wrong… dead wrong!

When the public seew that they have been duped by their trusted institutions… the voters know that there is one who can make it right. Outsider… Donald J. Trump!

Voters know that there is one who can make it right. Outsider… Donald J. Trump!

Hey, just so you know, I am not so jaded that I think there is no hope for some people. I pray for all those elected and placed in authority over nations. God is at work, both to will and do of His good pleasure… and Christ has placed both the good and the bad in power to test them.

Someone asked me today… “How can Christians support Trump?” The easy answer is look at the pro-life and Christian freedom policies that he is making happen in America. The complicated answer is actually another question… “How many porn-stars or good-girls was King David of the Bible involved with?” Right?

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