“Crossfire Hurricane” Turns Into A Backfire Hurricane!

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Democrats failed Coup attempt to remove a duly elected President sends shock-waves through Intelligence Community as “Crossfire Hurricane” turns into a Backfire Hurricane! Breathlessly the mainstream media told the public (in the name of news) that USA President Donald J. Trump was a pawn of Putin…only to have it all backfire in their faces. And what’s more is CIA actors set it all up on domestic soil, using Russian disinformation (paid for by the Democrat Party) to overturn the 2016 Election. United States Attorney John Durham is about to untangle their web of deceit that has caught up many 3-letter Agencies at the highest levels!

The left-wing media came out in full force to destroy the President only to end up really the pawns of Putin! How else do you describe it? The very news media that the people trust to give them warning and information about the government, are found mainlining propaganda that is now found to be covert disinformation hatched by foreign governments.

Isn’t that treasonous? Globalism is a hard-core attempt to erase borders and national integrity, this is no different… this could be more of a global attempt than a mere Russian conspiracy.

Globalists Are Not Your Friend

If you want an insiders look at how the government has left its mandate, check out Dan Bongino who has written a thorough book Deep State on this criminal activity, Dan is one of many blowing the whistle on the corruption within the 3-letter Agencies of the USA. The problem “in America” isn’t an American problem, it is a global problem.

It is in the best interest of Globalists to reign-in the freedoms enjoyed by the most powerful nation on the planet. But in order to do that, they need to remove one of the major barriers to this plan in Crossfire Hurricane… Donald J. Trump!

Just a tip for someone looking to find information other than what is regurgitated by the likes of CNN… one needs to get out of the “box” and check out some free-thinkers that challenge the status quo. Here is a list of just 10 Conservative News and Opinion Websites that have returned to journalism.

Do you want a police state? Where an administration needs to vet the press because they could actually be foreign actors subverting the government? Good thing that President Trump isn’t as unhinged as they claim. Just remember, as long as the public engages the fake tabloid tactics of companies pedaling their propaganda… they will have the means to do it!

Ironically this Backfire Hurricane is draining the Swamp!

The public is realizing that they need more of this President not less, because he has the guts to stand against this enemy of the people …ironically this Backfire Hurricane is draining the Swamp!

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