First Obamaflix, And Now A Clinton Search Engine!

Just when you thought you were rid of the dastardly duo, then your worst nightmare had a sequel.. first Obamaflix, and now a Clinton Search Engine! You can’t make this stuff up, the media isn’t only left-wing-biased… but it seems to be its propaganda machine to change the face of America. And each day that goes by you realize that you wouldn’t even know any of this if Crooked Hillary had won the presidency! 

Now it seems that Clinton staffers and Google have swapped partners in a revolving-door relationship, much like what happened when Netflix named former Obama Adviser and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to their Board…  and then a couple of months later the Obamas followed suit. Is it just me or is it clearly just waaaaaaaaay too obvious, that the Mainstream Media and all the Social Networks are owned and operated by sold-out democrat Globalists?

“At least twelve employees from the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative went on to work for Google, while at least fifteen Google employees went on to work for Hillary For America. The list was originally developed by Adam Townsend on Twitter.” ―Charlie Nash  

Here is just a taste of how Google has Hillary’s hunched back when it comes to auto correct in their search engine…

“Google offers an autocomplete suggestion of “Lying Ted” for “lying” but fails to do something similar for Clinton, raising questions.”

“MEXICO CITY — When Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told an open government conference Thursday that “Google was now Hillary’s secret weapon,” he provided ample fertilizer for a year’s worth of conspiracy theories in this overheated election season.

Assange was referring to The Groundwork, a stealthy startup funded by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt that’s providing consulting services to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign. According to Quartz, The Groundwork is building digital infrastructure like the Obama campaign did in 2012, laying “the groundwork’ for personalized, data-driven electioneering in 2016.” By Alexander Howard, HuffPost 

Obamaflix and Chillary!

Google was now Hillary’s secret weapon…

Breitbart Video Leak of Google’s Pity Party After Clinton Loss…

It should be noted that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has yet to be wrong about ANY of his reports to the public. This “man without a country” has went out on a limb time after time to bring the inconvenient truth to a sleeping public. Love him or hate him… he has been right.

“Revolving Door: Dozens of Clinton Staffers Hired by Google — and Vice-Versa” BREITBART TECHThe bottom line for me is not that Hillary Clinton is some master-puppet-master controlling the world through Google, rather the opposite… she is some convenient clown willing to swing from the trapeze in the Circus of Life!  Now, on the other hand, I do believe that Google/YouTube is controlling the internet.  Like House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy puts it… “in a way that hurts conservatives!”

With “smart technology” and uninformed people, we are setting this generation up to be easy pickings for artificial intelligence. Real intelligence seems to be a thing of the past, where people were abreast of things that mattered. But now people are brainwashed into avoiding 2 of the Biggies… Politics and Religion. And it is these two hard topics that seem to control the world… better get on the right side of history, before we make it!

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Better get on the right side of history, before we make it!


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