Trump Makes Morning Joke Of Fake News Morning Joe!

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Trump makes a morning joke of Fake News Morning Joe! All I can say is… Thank Goodness and Donald Trump, the Media isn’t talking about the phony “nothing burger” story of the US President colluding with RUSSIA! Wow! Finally some reprieve from the Fake News, lies and insults levied against Trump, now at least we have something real to talk about. Everyone knows that Trump had to throw these hyenas a bone, or they would just manufacture something. It is going to be interesting though, to see if the Media fact-checks his recent tweets for accuracy.

If you didn’t see the infamous  #MorningJoke tweets yet, here they are…

…at first glance one might think that Trump had gone over the line, but compared to these Media yahoos who favor ‘Caesar in the Park’ assassination theater and Kathy Griffin ‘Bride of ISIS’ decapitating the President, comparatively these tweets are angelic.

If the Morning Joe couple have a beef with these remarks as defamatory… they should get “Crazy Mika’s” I.Q. tested, and “Psycho Joe” a date with a psychologist… and prove Mr. President wrong!

As to Mika “bleeding badly from a face-lift” …you just got to know that these shoulder rubbing, name dropping, mucky-muck party-chasers aren’t going to challenge that claim, because The Donald probably does have security video tapes of that! I say put up or shut up! If you can prove Trump wrong do it, but don’t play the victim after you had a one-sided fight for over a year and get K.O.’d after the first Trump Punch! You know… Don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin!

You know, they have a term for this in Hockey… it’s called TURTLING. A player picks a fight and then “turtles” when the other player becomes aggressive, and that pretty much sums up the Media. They aren’t used to have someone fight back, so these heartless cowards attack from the safety of the shadows until someone calls their bluff! So like any good hockey player about to get 5 minutes for ruffing… Trump pulls their jerseys over their heads and gives em’ a few!

The media cries and whines screaming bloody murder… like phony players taking a dive when you only give them a head-fake! And to the sorry hoity-toity uppity self-important elites who are soooo blushed because of such language… well guess what, we ain’t buying it honey!

Don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin!

Again, thank you Mr. President for giving these blow-hard virtue-signalling lying hypocrites, something other than bogus Russian collusion to talk about, I was about ready to fall on my sword! The fact is there was a Russian collusion between Hillary Clinton and Putin, when she gave control of 20% of U.S. uranium deposits to a Russian company! But not even a word about that in the left-biased Media!

This is actually hilarious, even Trump’s own team didn’t have his back for the past 7 months, instead they back stabbed and let leakers walk free. But interesting enough every time they come at Trump, they end up with egg on their faces. If it’s not the sour hags on the talk show ‘The View’ …it is some race-baiting Van Jones and his “White-Lash” comment… and Jones’ employer CNN getting caught whipping up lies to make ratings…

All that said, I am thinking that Paul (Rhino) Ryan may be cluing in after all, he didn’t want to touch the Tweets of the President because there is a mountain of good that Trump is doing. Ryan knows this little bit of bird doodoo isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans… in fact it might be some much  needed fertilizer!

At the end of the day the pretentious commentators that are aghast about the Presidents words, are clearly transparent, like where was their moral outrage when the Media doesn’t say a word in defense of the so-holy office of the Presidency, when Hollywood elites, and the mainstream Media incite violence and assassination of congressmen or the President?

No, they can save their phony outrage. The more that Trump breaks with pretentious protocol and lambastes these clowns with some reality, the more the public who voted for him will vote for him again. All this does is expose what’s under the hood, it is typical of these trouble makers, they can only start a fight, but they cannot finish it.

“Is this the kind of language we want our kids using?” Maybe! Maybe our kids would go further if they didn’t have to spend most of their lives being butt-kissers and politically correct stooges! Better to be up-front and in-your-face… than a bunch of cowardly triggered snowflakes that can only stab people in the back.

People would ask… “You are a preacher, where is God in all this?” Duh? He is living through everyday lives, performing miracles through everyday people! And something tells me that He can’t wait to wind-up this whole charade of a life people are acting out! Some people only care about God when it is a talking-point. Virtue-signaling and pretending that you are better than Trump is just stupid. God does care about what is right, just and fair… but mostly that we obey Him. What people expect from their leaders should only be what they model themselves.

I think God has raised Trump up and placed him where he can be used to do a lot of good that politicians were unwilling to do, and with an added bonus the world gets to see how two-faced their leaders really are. Trump is a straight shooter, and he has already accomplished more with his team in the last 7 months, than the past 8 years of Obama… someone, nobody in the media could say a word against!

Obama’s actions have got people killed, left Veterans without help, pardoned prisoners that have re offended, and trained ISIS soldiers… but what? He didn’t insult people? Obama gave billions and billions to terrorist harboring Iran, and hamstrung American healthcare, did absolutely nothing for blacks and backed a criminal in Hillary… but what? Obama was smooth? This is the real world, sometimes you need to let a fox into your house… to get the chickens out of your kitchen! Seriously!

But I will tell you what, if you want to practice the life you expect President Trump to model, here is a free book that can help you put it all into perspective. It has made a difference in my life and many others. It is free, so there should be no reason to hesitate. It’s from a fairly great fellow, John Piper… Don’t Waste Your Life.

God Bless!

New Information Update

I believe the real reason that Trump responded the way he did was for a couple of reasons. There was a Morning Joe episode before the #MorningJoke Tweets that set Trump off, (video clip provided by TMZ here) it had Mika Brzezinski stating at marker 2 seconds…

1) “Nothing makes a man feel better than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself, lying everyday and destroying the country

…and at marker 15 seconds…

2) “(Trump’s) covering his hands here, because they’re teensy

…and at marker 21 seconds…

3) “Everybody in Washington, in the administration needs to look at this, from I think, a point of view where you’re not lobotomized. Because you’re sitting in there, and you’re so scared of  him, and you think you need to suck-up to the President”

…at marker 21 seconds…

4) “lying everyday, undermining his managers… it’s not normal behavior… in fact there would be concern that perhaps the person … is out of his mind

…so if you look at the #MorningJoke tweets it exposes the very “sucking-up” that this couple did “at Mar-a-Lago, three nights in a row around New Year’s Eve” …I believe that is what set Trump off! This couple has the gall to say that people don’t need to schmooze or suck-up, when that is all they do, trying to get into the “in crowd” …all the while playing like they aren’t really phony as Hell.

Looking at the insane barrage of false accusations Mika levied against Trump, it might be apparent who’s I.Q. may really be in question, given that Trump has done more for America in 7 months than the past administration has done in 8 years. Trump is definitely NOT “destroying the country” …and the entire left-biased media is tossing bold-faced lies and nobody holds them accountable!

And her dig at the President for “teensy” hands, is a direct attack on Trump’s manhood that was brought up in the Primary Debates. But should the President of the USA respond with the truth that may be crude and cutting? I think Liz Wheeler offers a perfect conclusion on this topic “A conservative woman’s take on Trump’s tweets about Mika Brzezinski.”

Please leave any comments in the section below, thank you for reading.


  1. If people think for a minute that the public doesn’t like Trump Tweeting things like a “CNN Body Slam”they need to check out the original tweet that has over half a million likes to-date, and check out the HUNDREDS of WWE re-makes featuring Trump “toasting” CNN or FNN (Fraud News Network)… the people that voted for him love it! The public knows that Trump is the only one who will check these propaganda machines at the door… and can Make America Great Again at the same time!

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