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Hard time finding politics journalism, with all the Fake News out there? Check these alternatives... Breitbart, DailyCaller, TheREBEL, JamesT.Harris, Natural News

Code Name: Crossfire Hurricane Becoming A Backfire Hurricane!

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That awkward silence before the storm is Code Name: Crossfire Hurricane becoming a Backfire Hurricane! Usually Obama has some witty quip to pander to the audience… but nobody cares anymore. Obama used up his welcome… Keep Reading

Van Jones #VanJoke Oprah Would Win All 50 States In 2020!

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In the wake of Project Veritas exposing CNN as FAKE NEWS… I think it would be fitting to see exactly where the Democrats now hope for salvation, since the fall of Obama and Hillary. If you were to take CNN’s Van Jones seriously… Oprah Winfrey would be on the 2020 ticket… saying that “It takes a superstar to beat a superstar!” Keep Reading

Trump Makes Morning Joke Of Fake News Morning Joe!

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Trump makes a morning joke of Fake News Morning Joe! All I can say is… Thank Goodness and Donald Trump, the Media isn’t talking about the phony “nothing burger” story of the US President colluding with RUSSIA! Wow! Finally some reprieve from the Fake News, lies and insults levied against Trump, now at least we have something real to talk about. Everyone knows that Trump had to throw these hyenas a bone, Keep Reading

‘Jihad’ Justin Trudeau That Handsome Devil!

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Interviewed about Justin Trudeau’s foreign policies, by Stefan Molyneux, Ezra Levant said “Every single thing you look at, seems to be not just neutral in the war against Islamic terror, but on the other side!” After doing some basic research (something all Canada should have done) on Trudeau’s upbringing and political grooming, we discover a ‘Trojan Horse’ a Manchurian Canadian befitting his nickname… ‘Jihad Justin’. Keep Reading

Justin Trudeau’s Canadian “Refugee Railroad”

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Was it German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ignorance of Radical Islam, or was it Germany’s antisemitic history merely repeating itself through a different means? The Islamic culture, radical or otherwise, openly proclaims that it would enjoy another Holocaust… and in that insane vein of political unrest Angela Merkel opens their doors to “refugees” …thus dividing and conquering Europe. Keep Reading

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