Van Jones #VanJoke Oprah Would Win All 50 States In 2020!

In the wake of Project Veritas exposing CNN as FAKE NEWS… I think it would be fitting to see exactly where the Democrats now hope for salvation, since the fall of Obama and Hillary. If you were to take CNN’s Van Jones seriously… Oprah Winfrey would be on the 2020 ticket… saying that “It takes a superstar to beat a superstar!” Like a fake-news attempt to garner validation, or attempt comedy, CNN would have to promote Van Jones #VanJoke Oprah Would Win All 50 States In 2020!

I just want to say, that if it meant having the greatest entertainers in America, from actors to singers… the Democrats should have won hands down! If it meant having the most popular team (according to CNN), the Democrats should have easily derailed the Trump Train! And if it meant that big money and media backing a particular political party would have been the markers for success… the Democrat Party would have simply won the 2016 Election.

They had Beyoncé and Miley twerking, they had every left-wing Hollywood entertainer tweeting. The entire Mainstream Media was bashing Trump and Obama administration tapping his private life. Not to mention having millions of either illegal, dead or multiple voters… and yet still they lost worse than anytime in history! And now Van Jones thinks that Oprah is going to overcome an imaginary “white-lash?” It wasn’t a “white-lash” …black America and other minorities put Trump in the White House!

I don’t feel sorry for Van Jones and the rest of the disconnected Hollywood elite. Griffin cutting of Trump’s head, Caesar in the Park stabbing their democratically elected president in effigy? And failed apprentice Arnold Schwarzenegger offering to write Trump’s presidential speeches, these people just don’t get it… people would rather have jobs, homes and get off food stamps than live vicariously through another block-buster movie!

What is left to say…

Bring in the Clowns!  Madonna already offered oral sex to anyone voting Hillary …Democrats have nothing left to offer! 

Bring it on! Get all the Hollywood Elites, the New York Times Bestsellers and all the race-baiting Fake News Networks… it was the hard working American people (by their votes) that wanted jobs instead of handouts, and results instead of politics! Now that America has had a taste of financial independence, national security and eyes open to the empty Democrat promises… there’s no going back!

I’ll tell you what… Hillary wrote a book “What Happened” …well now, Oprah can write it’s sequel… “We Were Exposed!”

Or you can download this FREE eBook…

“Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper.

Hillary wrote a book “What Happened” …well now, Oprah can write it’s sequel… “We Were Exposed!”

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