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Where The End Justifies The End: The Covid War!


Where The End Justifies The End: The Covid War! Not the end of the world. Not even the end of the world as we know it. It is the end of the illusion. In order to live the “American Dream” one must be a sleep… Keep Reading

“Crossfire Hurricane” Turns Into A Backfire Hurricane!


Democrats failed Coup attempt to remove a duly elected President sends shock-waves through Intelligence Community as “Crossfire Hurricane” turns into a Backfire Hurricane! Breathlessly the mainstream media told the public (in the name of news) that USA President Donald J. Trump was a pawn of Putin…only to have it all backfire in their faces. Keep Reading

Unique Trendy Top Level Domain Name Brands


What is in a NAME?

That old saying might convey a true sentiment, but calling a rose poison ivy… may not be as appealing. When it comes to online domain names, it isn’t merely how one smells, it is more how it sells!

You want “Unique Trendy Top Level Domain Name Brands” …something innovative, smart, trendy and possibly a little edgy. Something memorable! Keep Reading

Does God Have The Right To Answer Prayer His Way?


So, does God have the right to answer prayer His way? OR are our prayers merely rhetorical questions, that have to be answered in a prescribed manner? “Pray without ceasing” the Bible says… and some days I do just that. I have all kinds of prayers I am tossing up, but to be  honest, many of them are rhetorical and sarcastic. That is right, sarcastic. Keep Reading

Trump Win: A Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear?

Happy New Fear?

Trump Win: “Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear” is a slogan that appeared as graffiti in Athens during the 2008 Civil Unrest in Greece… and still much the same since. But is there hope? In the center of turmoil and desperation there is. But is that true for America… Keep Reading

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