Trump Win: A Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear?

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Happy New Fear?

Trump Win: “Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear” is a slogan that appeared as graffiti in Athens during the 2008 Civil Unrest in Greece… and still much the same since. But is there hope? In the center of turmoil and desperation there is. But is that true for America…
now that Trump is elected?

Some time back I attended a meeting where a friend of mine told stories and showed pictures of his work in Greece today. He works a lot with political refugees to provide some basic necessities as food and showers for hundreds of people. He offers comfort with his colleges to many who fall upon the hardship of being without country, family or friends. This was accomplished in a devastated nation, so much different than America.

It is in this mess he and his family model love. God’s love. And against all odds they bring the hope of Jesus Christ. From all backgrounds and for all walks… Heath’s your man! He can take it, and he can dish it.. I mean food… to all who may need it… but his passion is Christ. Heath is a what is called a practical missionary. His family reach out to those on the bottom… those most in need, with few reasons to live.

There is something about being so close to death that makes a person find what is really important… I was inspired by this man’s resilience and determination to bring back to a nation torn apart by unrest.. and America isn’t even near that scenario! One can choose to “loot” or to “build” in the face of adversity.

Which will you choose?

Give Trump a chance, clean up your own back yard, and you just might find that Trump is actually a lot less “Deplorable!”

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