Trudeau Likes Rolling Stoned… Why Can’t He Be Their President?

This Is Your Brain on Drugs was a large-scale US anti-narcotics campaign by Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA) launched in 1987 …and since then we have been more aware of the damaging effects drugs have had on our communities. Well, now we have seen the damaging effects drugs have had on leadership in the highest office in our nations… first Barrack Obama, and now Justin Trudeau! We know that Trudeau likes rolling stoned and this has the majority of Canadians simply asking…  Why Can’t He Be Their President?

The insanity never seems to stop in Canada since Manchurian Canadian Justin Trudeau has been elected as Prime Minister, he has embarrassed Canada on every level possible.  From giving away billions to foreign countries that support terrorism to directly giving 10.5 Million to a convicted Terrorist!

Trudeau has opened the Canadian Border to illegal crossings… and preferring illegals to Canadian citizens on his “Refugee Railroad”! Though my headline might be tongue-in-cheek, my point isn’t. Justin is destroying what it means to be Canadian!

Honestly most Americans think (as do most Canadians), that Justin Trudeau is a poor joke. One of those jokes that leave you wondering “What the heck were you thinking… at such an attempt at comedy?” And one of those kind of jokes where you just stand there shaking your head, grasping at the few minutes of precious life that you lost, wasting your time listening! The kind of joke you worse off for knowing.

And if writer for Rolling Stone magazine Stephen Rodrick is right… I know the majority of true Canadians are wondering the very same thing… Why Can’t He Be Their President?

“Justin Trudeau may be Rolling Stone’s new poster boy, but their cover story is being accused of some glaring ignorance of Canada… Stephen Rodrick, who penned the love-fest, claims his wife and son are both Canadian. Maybe he should have asked them for a little help on the details.” Toronto Sun

Trudeau, Canada’s unwanted child.

Justin Trudeau may be Rolling Stone’s new poster boy, but their cover story is being accused of some glaring ignorance

I have said it before…

“If America ever wonders what Hillary would have looked like in office… they need look no further than Canada, and see what a contradiction to logic, patriotism and “love of country” the Liberal agenda will get you! Make no mistake, after crooked Hillary made a visit to her protege Trudeau… that treasonous mess has put Canada in bed with the Clintons, to the tune of 20 Million in donations to their foundation! You can’t make this stuff up! Liberal Lunacy Official Diagnosis Is Trump Dysphoria!

The one thing I  need to say before I end this rant is… anyone who leads a world nation, should at least know how to tie a Tie! A Half-Windsor may be suited for someone who is lazy and half-way committed to leading a country. But a Full-Windsor is suited for those all-in! This isn’t the only diff between Justin and The Donald… but it is glaring !;]

And telling.

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