I Love Social Media Much More Than It Loves Me!

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I Love Social Media Much More Than It Loves Me! Please bare with me as I try to get under the radar of corporate media-bots censoring inconvenient social media posts! Throughout this post I will be using the opposite meanings of words to convey my distrust, disgust and dissidence from a political correct agenda, being forced on an unsuspecting public.  For communication purposes (in this post only) love = hate!

I love Google…

for going through my posts and keeping them from you. I also love Twitter and Facebook for doing the same! I have posts in the “Science” and “Technology” categories of this site that I cannot even name for fear of bots keeping the public from seeing them. These Taboo topics go against the grain of ‘BIG’ Corporate interests that want to keep people as their slaves. I would like to name these too… but I am going to insist you do the math, so that this post will get past these… “FILTERS THAT BE!” 

See what we are reduced to? We need to speak in ‘code’ …subliminally or in politically correct tones, so that we go undetected from the Orwellian shadow-bots controlling our “News” feeds. As long as it is the accepted version of the News we are allowed to see it… but if someone posts some reality (God forbid) it is blasted into no-man’s-land… sorry, no-undefined-gender-land.

I am going to make this short and sweet. Even though I Love Social Media Much More Than It Loves Me, I am going to to my level-best to THWART its every move!

I am feeling Thwarty…

Look up the definition and join me at the new THWARTY.COM where you can post your banned posts, and get around the media that is keeping you silent! I am looking for tech support and media support, making this an opensource “shadowbanned-aid” solution!

At THWARTY.COM you will be able to view current shadowbans in place by the social media, you will also be able to post media that is effected by shadowbans in the “shadowbanned-aid” section. It is high time we had a vehicle that will work around the censorship social media has placed on free people and the free press!

SO get in on the ground-floor opportunity to break free of the social media censorship that is sinking everyone of us! What good is free speech, if all the ears of those would-be listeners are stopped? Let’s start living outside that box, instead of just thinking!!

[Actually what really got me into all this trouble… were my posts having to do with alternative cancer treatments, something that Big Pharma doesn’t want people to know about. DCA Dichloroacetate is a cheap, safe and effective treatment against all types of cancer.]

Here’s a FREE BOOK to warm your soul…

“Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper.

Let’s start living outside that box, instead of just thinking!!

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