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Conservative Censorship

Blocked, Shadowbanned Or Just Censored? We Got Bannedaids!

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Everyday we read of someone being censored, banned or cut from private internet forums posing as public service venues, well… Blocked, Shadowbanned Or Just Censored? We Got Bannedaids!

I am going to share some tried and true censor-bot algorithm work-arounds… and they may be easier than you think! Google makes a similar thing to protect their customers from being over-run by bots posing as people… it is called “reCAPTCHA“. Keep Reading

First Obamaflix, And Now A Clinton Search Engine!

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Just when you thought you were rid of the dastardly duo, then your worst nightmare had a sequel.. first Obamaflix, and now a Clinton Search Engine! You can’t make this stuff up, the media isn’t only left-wing-biased… but it seems to be its propaganda machine to change the face of America. And each day that goes by you realize that you wouldn’t even know any of this if Crooked Hillary had won the presidency!  Keep Reading

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