The NFL Burn Bucket Challenge!

This whole Trump speech in Alabama has stirred an latent patriotism within my soul. As a youth I had viewed Patriotism as some blind-faith in country that got a lot of people killed. Ignorantly, I cared little for the cost of human life by war… even though I myself took basic military training. It always seemed to me to be pointless to take patriotic pride seriously… until the NFL burn bucket challenge!

Well, recent cover of Trump’s “S.O.B. speech” unearthed something important… it is not the “silent majority” but the censored majority, that has come out in support for the words and sentiment their President echoed! It isn’t that the protests are just starting just because people are “woke” …rather this majority has been effectively censored and silenced… and now it cannot be hidden!


Mainly because their President is actually using the SAME VERBIAGE he is hearing clear across the nation! This Presidential TOUCHDOWN slammed mediocrity, and booted viewer apathy into the End Zone for the CONVERT! But the real win comes from the FANS… when it comes to a choice of PATRIOTISM or TICKETS… respect for the fallen and for those serving the country… Love for God and Country wins hands-down!

The following is a sample of the now thousands of rants on this very subject. It is important to note that President Trump’s scathing review of rich athletes protesting the Flag as a law enforcement protest, is both misplaced and disrespectful. But good souls like this are being attacked for their honest appraisals.

We will get to some videos of the “NFL burn-bucket Challenge” in a bit, but first by Police Officer Brandon Tatum…

…and what is most importantly, regardless your disdain for your leaders, one shouldn’t trash their flag or disrespect their nation’s anthem because of it! Police Officer Brandon Tatum is now being attacked because of his patriotic honesty… by the Left… or could we just say the opposite of Right!

I seemed to be nursing some of my own self-national-loathing caused by certain members of my (historical) community and because of atrocities committed in the name of “God and Country”. But hasn’t there been good also done by my Nation?

So it follows that if I am going to blame the Flag for all the evils done in the name of my country… I should also give credence to the Flag for all the good and humanitarian advancements done as well! Mmm…

I should also give credence to the Flag for all the good and humanitarian advancements done as well!


Everyone has the right to protest, this is what FREE SPEECH is all about… but when you do it AS THE ANTHEM IS PLAYING… you are going to get some FREE advice from those paying your WAGES! Don’t let the Liberal biased Media Hoodwink you… this was a protest started by a “cops are pigs” multi-millionaire entitled elitist… his color had nothing to do with Trump’s “S.O.B.” response!

Here are a few things patriotic football fans have to say about all this…

What is my take-away from all this? Don’t protest the very thing that enables you to protest. Period. When players bite the had that feeds them (apparently) waaay too good… the silenced and censored voices have only one way to respond… by withdrawing their support!  “According to online ticket agency TickPick, ticket sales for NFL games were down approximately 17.9% from last week’s total” …dang, and the slide into oblivion has just got started! Just wait till this hits the Stock Market… OUCH! #NFLBurnBucketChallenge

Do you think that even if the League offers an across the board apology… that the fans will simply forgive and forget? Not likely, not after burning season tickets and $Thousands in gear! I think real football fans will find another venue…  like viewing college football… or who knows, they may even get out of the house and toss the pig-skin around with family and friends!

Bottom line is, if the NFL won’t stand for the Anthem or Flag… fans aren’t going to stand for the NFL! The rich and entitled could have picked a different venue to protest. The NFL has stopped players from promoting special interests and charities… so in my opinion the NFL is largely to blame, and could have nipped this in the bud by simply enforcing their own rules.

Actually I am glad… we spend too much time empowering ingrates into a position where they can afford to spit in our faces. Got time on your hands now? Here is a FREE eBook to help pass that time… Don’t Waste Your Life …by John Piper.

You’ll want to see this UPDATE!

I have got to say I sure do respect big time James T. Harris of The James T Harris Show (104.1 KQTH) Tucson’s News & Talk… he lays it out in proper fashion when it comes to ranting about Liberal lunacy… he does so without going all apoplectic, and keeps his adrenal glands in check, but not before he gives you some! James T Harris was live…


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