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Inkletter uncovers a handful of words that have literally changed history! These words once meant integrety, skill and independence… but have since been reduced to their opposites. Come along on this journey into the past, and discover the future! The content of this book isn’t just an ink letter meant to inspire, its intent is meant to empower! The right words in the right hands can change our very destiny! Having freedom is one thing, but exercising it is another.

Mind-blower… we live in a VILLAINAGE… a modern-day Serfdom!

With over a Million views, and over 10,000 comments… Inkletter is taking his experience at blogging, and is putting together a series of books for the world to read. Unapologetically Inkletter presents his books “raw” format open to comment and critique! Before all the content and copy editing, are the very life stories inked on each page, these uncensored accounts tell the real story …of tragedy and hope! Call it a challange… but Justan is still looking for a good argument against his undying faith!

About the Author…

Raised in the far North under brutal conditions …Inkletter is just an ordinary guy who overcame extraordinary odds in order to survive. Voted as a most likely to be incarcerated; this “Jack of all trades” proves that anyone can be successful …and content.

His true-to-fiction books, are non-fiction stories that read like fiction. It doesn’t even seem possible that all these things could have happened to just one person… but as in every one of the 7 Billion cases on the Planet… they inevitably do!

Years of volunteer street-ministry has forged a practicality to his theology… “Better to hear the words ‘well done’ than to hear the words ‘well said!'”

“It has always been my desire… to bring truth to life, somewhat the opposite of the movies. Too often we want to escape our realities in hopes of finding some reprieve from the panic generated from our own narratives. BUT… what if we could discover the fantastic truth behind each of our stories, somehow generated to be fit for this very moment? The very life of trials and temptations molding us for this very place in time… when the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear!” —Justan Inkletter

Knowing that the readers are the real reason one becomes successful… Inkletter™ would like to share that success in real dollars! Profit-sharing with readers is a novel approach in the book industry… it puts money back into communities… instead of monopolistic conglomerates! Since when did the reader get rewarded for their natural desire to share a good book with their friends? We would love for you to enjoy and share our books… but at the same time share in their profits!

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