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Everyone Is Entitled To Happiness, Right? …Not If You Are Canadian!

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It is just too bad that I can’t introduce my friend Mr. Barter to you on better terms. But life doesn’t afford me any time to spare, to get his story to the public. I always thought that Everyone Is Entitled To Happiness, Right? But it would seem …Not If You Are Canadian! Canada welcomes any illegal alien who would breach its borders (night or day), and have police escort the “refugees” to all the benefits Canada can throw at them. But if you are hard working and law abiding (like my friend) you are punished, and NOT treated like criminals these so-called refugees are. Keep Reading

Trudeau or Turdeau?

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First off, I want to say that I am sorry for my shameless pun on the Prime Ministers last name… unfortunately it won’t be the last! That said, I actually think the name “Trudeau” has a certain class and flare… something that Justin is in the process of removing from it’s heritage. Who knew our very own Prime Minister (PM) would be worse than Trump… Keep Reading

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