O Chinada

The Manchurian Canadian

We are witnessing the globalist hostile takeover of Canada. Following the World Economic Forum playbook, Marxist powers of this age have “penetrated” the Liberal Government of Canada by the Queen’s Royal Assent. Foreign actors and interests currently control the Prime Minister by bribery, blackmail, or ambition, all under the guiding eye of the Monarchy. An autocoup has already dismissed our Constitution, mandated tyranny, and held the nation hostage with the price of fuel.

Suppose you disagree with the COVID mantras propagated by the Liberal Government? In that case, regardless of whether the world has moved on and freed up their nations, you are a Climate Change denying racist xenophobe! Anyone resisting this “basic dictatorship” will be met with textbook propagandized accusations. Upon closer discovery, one can find that the allegations levied are their self-identifiers by their own words and political history.

As we sit around Canada Day discussing our impending imprisonment, these treasonous infiltrators are selling off our birthright and pawning off our futures! It is almost too late to ask the question, “Who is to blame?” but there are questions that may not be too late to ask. 1) Will my compliance further empower these traitors 2) would I rather live on my knees than die on my feet 3) why does it state in our Constitution Preamble that “Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law?”

A thousand books cannot contain all the evil that is conspired against our Canada—neither can a thousand books contain the testimony of those who are giving and would give all to defend her.
We are not victims; we have been brought to this very moment because we were made for it! Call it destiny, call it fate, call it whatever you want but don’t ‘call it’ on account of rain! This storm is our opportunity, we must dig in and find some way to shine. Godspeed!

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