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How Is Covid-19 Affecting Blacks, Is The Coronavirus Racist?

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How Is Covid-19 Affecting Blacks, Is The Coronavirus Racist? Well, there are some conspiracy theories about that floating around! What would you think if a pandemic was affecting your community more than other’s with racial differing demographics? It isn’t debated that the Black community has a higher mortality rate than Whites after contracting Covid-19. So, isn’t that proof enough?

Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams discusses the alarming trend and the “impact of Covid-19 on communities of color”. Dr Jerome Adams said it is “alarming but it is not surprising that people of color have a greater burden of chronic health conditions.” Going on to explain how African American and Native American communities have propensity for hypertension and other health issues, he showed his inhaler to illustrate his own personal struggle with asthma.

HUFFPOST: Black People Are Dying Of COVID-19 At Alarming Rates…

While some think that viruses must be “designed” to attack communities of color, could it be that there may be a better and more likely explanation. It would seem that we are in a “prison of 2 ideas” that doesn’t allow us to explore alternatives, alternatives that may offer solutions instead of just more Coronavirus pandemic pandemonium! What if it was that simple?

…offer solutions instead of just more Coronavirus pandemic pandemonium

Vitamin D and Immunity…

About 42% of the US population is vitamin D deficient. However, this rate rises to 82% in black people and 70% in Hispanics. There is evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths. Begging the question that deficiencies may have been exploited by genetically modified viruses.

When you are a “hammer” everything is a Nail! The “scientific community” bewilders me sometimes because they fail to follow the scientific outcomes their own studies reveal. Is it so blatantly obvious that Big Pharma is paying their wages and directing doctors to pharmaceuticals instead of proven and prescribed basic nutritional supplements? If the communities of color have a Vitamin D deficiency why wouldn’t that be a good place to start treatment?

Rarely things are as simple as that, yet why is it that good nutrition and healthy supplements are treated as witchcraft by the medical “experts?” Is it that obvious that Big Pharma has a monopoly on health, wealth and who gets treatment? Well, then that my friend does appear to be racist! 

Much like the “healthcare” providers make sure communities of color have ample abortion clinics and access to all the vaccinations they want to experiment with. While access to inexpensive nutritional food and providing safe outdoor activities a bit further down the list. We have nutritional deficiencies, not pharmaceutical deficiencies! Why would we need a cure, if we had the prevention all along?

Maybe we are just brainwashed! The system seems programmed to receive… “You can check out any time you like But you can never leave!” ― Hotel California

We have nutritional deficiencies, not pharmaceutical deficiencies!

Just like a nation with an unhealthy dependence on it’s globalist rival, so it is with our unhealthy dependence on Big Pharma! Can we be so convinced that pharmaceutical companies that can gain more with the treatment of a disease than it’s prevention… really has our best in mind? Does North America really believe that it is better suited to have it’s global rival in China produce it’s health products and treatments? Does this make sense?

Creating the ailment while having the monopoly to provide the cure. Now that is just stupid! How about providing for vitamin deficiencies first, so we don’t end up in a man-made catastrophe? I guess it is somehow beneath us to  consider anything other than pharmaceutical health… like I said… maybe we are just brainwashed!

How Is Covid-19 Affecting Blacks, Is The Coronavirus Racist? Maybe the virus isn’t, but responses in China just might be… “Black people being targeted in Guangzhou, China, over COVID-19 fears.”  How about how the Chinese American citizens are now treated?

I think that we all have a part to play in how we let our fears ruin our lives and the lives of others. That said, we can still take back control of our own health with proper nutrition! #MoreInfoLessEmo 

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