Liberal Politics and the Black Community

Over the last 50 years, thanks to liberal politics and the black community’s acquiescence to moral relativity and degradation of self-worth and respect – its family unity has been completely decimated and destroyed. Even when slavery prevented marriage, a black child was more likely to be raised in a “home” with their biological mother and father than today. According to economist Walter Williams, during the period of 1890-1940 a black child was slightly more likely to grow up with married parents than a white child.  Due to government intervention and the pervasiveness of liberal politics in the black community, this is no longer the case.

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.  

–Marcus Garvey

Back in 1965, 24 percent of black babies were born to unmarried mothers. Then, the ‘War on Poverty’ began…and today this number is up to 72 percent. Interesting to see that the more money we supposedly threw at helping the black family, the worse things have become. Plus, it has not helped to reduce the rate of poverty, either. Since 1965 the government has spent nearly $20 trillion fighting poverty. When this started, the poverty rate was 17 percent. After this spending started, the rate began to flat line (it had been consistently going down since 1949 before this) because people learned that they could marry the government and that men could abandon their financial and moral responsibility.


The Democrats have never been about actually doing something to help and improve the lives of their constituents. Rather, they are only focused on increasing their power. Starting with Kennedy and LBJ, the whole idea was to trap the black vote in a cycle of dependence so that they would need to rely on the government for everything.

It seems as if the liberal left has largely accomplished this goal. It also seems that most of the black community is either not aware of this or simply does not care. If Malcolm X would call those who continue to vote for such a party traitors to their race, imagine what he might say about the black politicians who consistently argue for maintaining the status quo and even expanding this welfare state?

If the masses of black refuse to turn to Jesus Christ, they at least need need to turn to some other “leadership” and in a hurry.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed.


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