Proportional Representation’s Both Worlds Best, Mobs And Jobs!

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Finally some electoral reform that Globalists can be proud of, leave First Past The Post and bring in Proportional Representation’s both worlds best, mobs and jobs! Albeit jobs for the mobs, but let’s not split hairs… when you can split votes! A vote for Proportional Representation is a vote for the unknown, that will be decided ONLY after you vote for it! You see it is a Globalist social experiment that is the favorite of big governments and failed democracies.

Your vote matters!

OK, let me tell you how I really feel… I may not agree with the Proportional Representation (PR) but I will provide some videos and comments about the debate vs the tried and true First Past The Post (FPTP) electoral system. This debate is even more important than the very party you want to elect, it governs a system that won’t allow for a return to the previous system, and furthermore will “stack the deck” by it’s mere referendum!

You see, if there is a majority (51%) of only those who fill out the referendum ballot… your system is changed forever! That’s right! There is nothing stopping ONLY 20% of the population from filling out the referendum ballots, and 51% of that 20% to change your voting system. That is just over 10% of the population! Does that sound like Proportional Representation to you? The vote could be from a greater base… but it could even be a lot smaller.

Why the Referendum now?

For the reason I just sited! It would only take as little as the majority of those voting in the referendum to change the system irreparably! Because of the fact that voter registration and participation is at an all-time low, it would be easier to get something like this passed. This is how we ended up with the Liberal government we have now, it took only the greatest amount of the 66% that voted in total. Now that equated to lest than 29% of the total who could have voted (but didn’t).

That was bad enough and the way to fix that mistake is to vote them out and elect a new government. And if people didn’t like what happened, they can smarten up and turn out to vote next time! But to trash the stable and secure voting system that has been tried and true over hundreds of years, for a system that genders more questions than it answers, is definitely not the answer.

What history can teach us about proportional representation...

“The rise of Naziism in Hitler’s Germany was the most significant political disaster of those times, but it was not the only one. Norman Davies’s comprehensive History of Europe, lists 15 European democracies that fell to dictatorship during the period. They were, in chronological order, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Albania, Poland, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Romania, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Latvia and Greece…

In fact, there was something else that those 15 dictators had in common, which Davies fails to mention. They each rose to power in a country that used PR to elect its legislature. No democracy that used first past the post fell to dictatorship during the period.” Greg Koabel

Did you get that?

Hitler’s Germany and 14 other dictatorships had one thing in common… (PR) Proportional Representation! It needs to be clear that “No democracy that used first past the post fell to dictatorship” using (FPTP) First Past The Post!!

IF Trudeau can cinch this noose to Canada’s neck, he won’t just be acting like a dictator supplying every terrorist need… it will be official! There is no better time in Canada’s history than right now, to catch everyone sleeping. Voter turn-out is at an all-time low, ripe for the picking! And to top it off the whole process of the referendum is totally confusing, leaving those who just want change… to end up hanging!

What PR claims to be able to do in “breaking the two-party hold on politics” …you end up with many parties only doing back-room deals that don’t include you, in order to get anything done! More bureaucracy, bigger deficits and back-room collusion is what you end up with. Weaker governments more susceptible to the globalist agenda.

NO democracy that used First Past The Post (FPTP) fell to dictatorship!

Israel case study in proportional representation’s flaws…

“Israel is dogged by a perpetually hung parliament thanks to PR, which has regularly hampered leaders’ attempts to push through controversial policies. In the words of Giora Eiland, a former national security adviser: “Designing policy in Israel is like writing poetry while standing on a ball.”

…Successive governments have paid dearly for forming coalitions with radical minority partners, especially when it comes to the perennial problems associated with the Palestinian conflict. Instead of Israelis having faith in one party to see out its full tenure without having the rug pulled from beneath its feet, reality has meant a constant battle between warring coalition members – often leading to mid-term collapse of governments and early elections.” Seth Freedman

The changing of our electoral system from FPTP to PR is much like legalizing marijuana… the promise is that everyone gets what they want, but the dangers from teenage schizophrenia, and increased Emergency Room visits from over dosing on edibles; to the massive fines of driving and the fine print on possession… leaves the whole mess hardly worth the alternative medicine benefits! I digress…

Mobs And Jobs!

If you thought that little gets done in a 2 or 3 Party System, just wait until you get a barrage of Special Interest Groups clambering for attention and back-room deals! You thought Crony Capitalism under the current system was bad? The little that you think your voice gets you now, will be a far cry from the crickets you will hear in reply under “Proportional Representation.” All the while creating Big Gov Mob Jobs!

The worst part it is going ring in whole-sale globalist socialism. All the so-called voices of the people will be forced to give up concessions in order to get their pittance, and will have to make deals with the devil in order to get their seat at the table. In the end their voice won’t even resemble the original cause in this kind of  telephone-game politics! 

First Past The Post is the only thing we have today that is keeping us from globalist socialism… all socialist parties today, like those in history, favor this pseudo-democratic system. When you really unpack the (confusion and vague) fine-print of Proportional Representation, you find that it is vulnerable to secrecy and foreign interest. We need greater transparency and accountability… not less.

7 Reasons Proportional Representation not good

“There is no perfect electoral system, and no one has a crystal ball and knows how B.C. will fare in the next few decades under first past the post or one of the three proposed PR systems.   However, there is value in our current system — it is stable, we keep extreme parties out of power, we directly elect all our politicians, so they are accountable to voters, not political party overlords, ensure our ridings are a manageable size, and we can get rid of governments when needed. Please make sure you vote in the upcoming referendum. Either way, B.C. Politics will continue to be interesting.” Gord Addison

In the end it won’t be PR that kills us, it will be our own laziness!

Get out and Vote!

In the end it won’t be PR that kills us, it will be our own laziness! Get out and Vote!

Don’t get it twisted…

Just because you feel the last election didn’t go your way, it doesn’t mean that changing the entire system is going to give you a better government. In all actuality it could be the very thing that will keep our government in perpetual dysfunction! And this is what these quick change artists are pulling on you!

Before you throw the “baby out with the bathwater” consider that you do have a voice when it comes to election… and if you want a greater voice you need to help your particular party in their campaign. But to sit back and blindly let others make back-room deals in order to get stuff done, is nothing less than letting the entire system “go to hell in a hand-basket!” There’s no substitute for participation!

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