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What is in a NAME?

That old saying might convey a true sentiment, but calling a rose poison ivy… may not be as appealing. When it comes to online domain names, it isn’t merely how one smells, it is more how it sells!

You want “Unique Trendy Top Level Domain Name Brands” …something innovative, smart, trendy and possibly a little edgy. Something memorable!

The truth is you only have your online market for seconds as they pass you by. What is it going to take for you to grab a little love on the way by? Putting yourself out there can be a bit nerve racking, after you spend money on all the everyday stuff… if you don’t have a BRAND that commands attention. And if you do find something you like… is it still available?

Domains directing you here are for sale!

In every business you have unique jobs that only a certain skill set can provide. One such job is the innovation of a brand name or online domain name. Some companies spend thousands in think-tanks to produce a grabby tag-line, visual or slogan… like a domain name!

These companies aren’t just hoping you will check out their service or product, they enter into your world, and escort you into theirs! It is about welcoming you into a place, that you are going to feel free to invest your time and money… and what’s created is priceless! We can help you get started on your new domain name today!

…they enter into your world, and escort you into theirs!

Inkletter.com is for sale!

We all have differing skills we can bring to a concept, but the most successful business owners hire those who can do those things that they themselves can’t. Such is the nature of certain online domain names. Some people have an eye or ear to envision a new and unique market concept.

“Domainers” spend a lot of time and money developing or “packaging” concepts that are salable and profitable… it is a tough market out there, a lot of those ideas are already snapped up, or sat-on.

So what is a start-up entrepreneur, artist or re-seller to do? You have heard that “A picture is worth a thousand words” …not to be simplistic, but a good domain could easily be worth a thousand dollars!

I like many, have spent many thousands on building the physical buildings of businesses, furnishings, equipment, staff and extras… only to be invisible. The worst thing to see is another business down the road reaching your customers!

Finding a name that you love and can promote is one thing… finding a trendy, bold, STAND-OUT concept is another!

You may have reached this article by one means or another, I have directed domain names available for sale to this page…

Domains directing you here are for sale!

You don’t need to subscribe…

just email me at truthbrary@yahoo.com and make an offer… that’s it! (some may be sold)


Just email me at truthbrary@yahoo.com and make an offer… you don’t need to subscribe. You can purchase these or other names that you might find a good fit for your club, product, service or concept!

Just email me at truthbrary@yahoo.com and make an offer…

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