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  • VILLAINAGE... Is a non-fiction that has been salted with my own life's story and struggles. It treks through adventure, danger and some education by a few hard-knocks. I have survived by the skin of my teeth... and a better man for it! This eBook VILLAINAGE, uncovers over 40 words in 40 chapters, that have literally changed history! These words once meant integrity, skill and independence… but have been reduced to their opposites. I invite you to tag along on this journey into the past and discover the future! villainage-ebook Is it possible that the entire western civilization is living in a state of villainage, without even knowing what it means? Well, simply put, the USA may have gained its “independence” on paper… in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth!

    In fact...

    the meaning of the word VILLAIN, along with 40 or more other words, have not only changed, but have changed society as we know it! We live in a day where history is being re-written right before our eyes. And the problem seems that people are so distracted, they haven’t the faintest idea what is being perpetrated on their culture. Available and Upcoming Books... Living most of my life near or under the poverty line has made me appreciate a few things in life. I like the wonder of driving a car, though I have a Class 1 and drive Heavy Haulers! I appreciate health, though I have been near death more times than I care for, and had life-saving surgeries that took a while to recover from. And love, though I have been with the love of  my life since she was 16... and she is a hottie! I hope you enjoy this pre-release of Villainage, I would love to get some feedback and hopefully incorporate your helpful ideas into the final edition. And thank you for your purchase. It will help me afford getting the final edition into many different formats to serve you better. This is pre-release edition is my own way of kick-starting this self-publishing. ALSO I will share 40% of the proceeds with anyone who sells my book through referrals!

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