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Everyone Is Entitled To Happiness, Right? …Not If You Are Canadian!

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It is just too bad that I can’t introduce my friend Mr. Barter to you on better terms. But life doesn’t afford me any time to spare, to get his story to the public. I always thought that Everyone Is Entitled To Happiness, Right? But it would seem …Not If You Are Canadian! Canada welcomes any illegal alien who would breach its borders (night or day), and have police escort the “refugees” to all the benefits Canada can throw at them. But if you are hard working and law abiding (like my friend) you are punished, and NOT treated like criminals these so-called refugees are.

I wrote at length about Trudeau being a Manchurian Canadian with a globalist agenda, and another post I wrote about Justin Trudeau’s Canadian “Refugee Railroad” …brought in over 20,000 views! It would seem the World is fed up with the ABC’s of Trudeau’s governance… (Anything But Canadian)! Is this patriotism? Is this loyalty to Canada that elected him? Is this even basic common courtesy? Well it isn’t right I’ll tell you that! It is sad, and it seems our Québécois Prime Minister had separated himself from Canada a long time ago!

I hope, regardless of what you think of me, that you will please share this story with everyone you know by any media means available… so that a message could be sent to the “powers that be” to give my friend a break, before he is completely broken! Have some mercy Canada, and consider this public servant of yours worthy of your loyalty, the same kind of loyalty that he has shown to you. Here is his story…

“My daughter is a Canadian Citizen, our government daily is welcoming illegal immigrants and refugees and financially assisting them, when I have to fight tooth and nail and pay for lawyers to work on my behalf to get her and my wife here to Canada. I work hard, pay my dues/taxes, but because of red tape and stupid people in power, I have to follow the rules in place, and be ripped apart and scrutinized in every aspect of my life. Almost a year and I haven’t seen my wife and daughter, but because I am following the rules, no help or assistance for me, because I work hard and pay my dues no help or assistance for me…

…I’m on my own to fight for my wife and fight for my daughter who is a Canadian citizen. Oh yea just wanted to remind you Canada, that I served in the Canadian Armed Forces and was proud to serve my Country, but none of that makes a difference to you. Pretty bad that a Canadian Citizen has more difficulty getting into Canada than an illegal immigrant or Illegal Refugee. There are messed up people making decisions for us in our Government.” Original Post… 

This is how Canadian immigration effects Canadians! When law-abiding Canadians are not even welcome in their homeland, because the Government is too busy virtue-signaling to the World by their open-door policy to “refugees” …Canadians suffer! (I personally have taken basic training with the Canadian Military, but unlike my friend Cecil Barter, I did not serve in the Armed Forces.)

It is simply heartbreaking to see this man (accomplished electrician and trades instructor) be hung out to dry. Maybe because he had a few coins left in his pocket after suffering other personal tragedies, that the Government felt they could squeeze him just a bit more before he completely broke. Whatever it is… it’s enough! Here’s just a couple of his Military Service pics…

My hope and prayer is that this story gets out to every channel possible, and that some Mainstream Media picks it up and puts some pressure on those making the decisions. Because from where I am sitting, I suspect that this family isn’t the only one going though this kind of Hell right now. It seems that there is only so much LOVE to go around in Canada… and this Canadian family ISN’T FEELING IT!

A major shout-out to Faith Goldy of the THEREBEL.MEDIA  who broke the stories of illegal immigrants and “refugees” flooding into Canada, and how they are being preferred over Canadians who worked their entire lives, and served to protect …and be protected. Please share.


  1. I more than anyone would like to be wrong about the system, write up a retraction… and give my own personal apology to Justin Trudeau over this story. It would be awesome to get a note that read “your friend’s problem has been resolved” …and in a heartbeat I would be writing a heartfelt thank you and apology! I want to read your comments… should I hold my breath? Is there any faith left in our system, that always seems ready to “save the world” …but lose it’s own soul?

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